Agents in NAU Ecosystem

People often ask: “You say NAU removes all the middlemen from the value chain, but agents are middlemen, aren’t they?”

Middleman is not always a bad thing. If you don’t know foreign language you need an interpreter as a middleman to help you communicate. The core difference between such intermediaries and those we consider to be the subject for removal is adding value. If the only thing a middleman does is taking commission and profiting out of the blue — such middleman should go away. Adding value to the ecosystem is the default requirement any intermediary should meet to be adopted.

Here at NAU we see a few key roles for the agents:

1. Connecting classic retail with the latest digital marketing trends and crypto.

Many retailers just can’t get it right now. It’s a completely new paradigm for them — tokens, coins, paying rewards directly to thousands of people. Ok, guys, please stop, we need sales, here’s our money, bring the sales please.

Sure. That’s where agents work with retailers the way they are used to: on a pay-per-lead or monthly management fee basis. As an agent, they manage retailers campaigns in NAU, refill their token balance, tune up everything, train the staff and do everything else necessary to make the retailer experience with NAU seamless and pleasant. For many retailers this is a comfortable and easy way to start. In future, as they become more familiar with NAU and with crypto wider adoption they may choose to switch to self-management of their accounts.

2. Spreading NAU wider and deeper.

NAU is a global platform with very local presence. Users want more and more retailers while retailers want users — someone has to start bringing retailers to NAU in a particular region to bring platform to life there. That’s where agents are to help again. Local agents have all the necessary tools and connections to sign up many local retailers and make NAU App attractive for local users. They keep on with managing these retailers too, growing their agents business and profiting.

How Agents Make Money?

The way an agent negotiates and agrees upon conditions with local retailers is solely the agent’s decision. NAU still offers a retailer a direct access to his NAU account anytime they wish so the agent should be constantly creating value for the retailers for them to continue working with the agent.

There are two approaches we recommend agents to use when signing up retailers for NAU:

1. Pay-per-lead model. Clear, simple and familiar to any retailer. You get a sale — you pay for it. In your local currency, under local legislation, to a local partner. In this case the agent makes money on the difference between the lead price agreed with the retailer and the price of the token. The latter is flexible after the token sale campaign is over, so agents should also carefully plan the business and make sure they have enough tokens to supply their retailers with leads and be profitable.

2. Monthly management fee. Under this model an agent charges retailers a monthly fee for managing their account in NAU. The fee depends on the number of retail points, offers to manage and other factors set by an agent. The retailer also pays for NAU tokens necessary to reward offer redemptions. Agents also come in hand here, because they usually have a decent supply of tokens and can sell them to retailers by wire transfer or other convenient payment method retailers are used to.

NAU accredits each agent and sets KPIs for signing new retailers and creating turnover for the existing ones. In its turn, NAU platform guarantees exclusive agent rights for the particular region if the agent manages to fulfill the requirements set and delivers the expected value to NAU ecosystem.

NAU will equip every agent with a backend where they can sign up and manage retailers, including the legal documents for the particular country and full integration with NAU platform. Agents will be featured on both NAU global and local websites and supported by nationwide marketing and advertising activities led by NAU local offices.

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