Meet NAU. We come to disrupt retail marketing.

Leads and sales generation is the key target of the majority of marketing efforts. Throughout the history many marketing approaches have appeared, evolved and disappeared due to the inability to deliver sales at affordable price or the inability to track ​and ​account ​this.

Retail marketing has always been a challenge, especially for small and medium businesses. High entry costs, hordes of middlemen, advertising spendings with untrackable efficiency — that’s a long-lasting nightmare for everyone involved.

“I have been thinking about an efficient tool for local lead-generation since I’m into affiliate marketing. After years of non-stop searching for the opportunity to implement my vision I’m happy I’ve finally found a powerful and reliable partner at the time of blockchain growing rapidly. Looks like it’s time for it, NAU”.

Yaroslav Shakula, NAU founder & CEO

NAU is building a platform that allows every retailer join free and be able to easily manage their marketing activity without paying to numerous intermediaries and wasting money on the inefficient channels. Retailers can create and manage offers through desktop interface or even directly from a smartphone.

What’s cool for the retailers?

  • Never pay in advance, never pay for just signing up. You haven’t received any value yet, why would someone want you to pay? (yeah, we know they always do, so let them burn)
  • Only precisely targeted audience is attracted and that’s what 100% conversion rate means. Every customer coming with NAU pays or takes any other action you want.
  • Huge discount as the only way to attract customers is obsolete. NAU also features bonus/gift and BOGO (buy one get one) mechanics — choose one and tailor it to suit your business to the utmost extent.
  • If you could pay for, say, 1000 sales in advance at the low price available right now, wouldn’t you grab the opportunity? Well, NAU is exactly about that. Fix the sale-generation price by purchasing NAU tokens in advance and never pay more.

And what about users?

NAU never forgets about users, because successful marketing is always built to cater to users’ benefit, no less no more. NAU is no exception. Well, actually it is an exception, because it is exceptionally attractive for the users not only because of the special offers they can use, but because NAU is in fact the first ever application that literally pays users each time their friends and followers save money. Sounds cool, huh?

  • Benefit from discounts and bonuses or enjoy second item free with easy and fun redemption ​through ​mobile ​app.
  • Invite friends, colleagues or social media followers and receive 95% of what retailers ​pay ​as ​a ​reward ​each ​time ​your ​followers ​redeem ​special ​offers. (ninety five percent, your eyes don’t lie)
  • Build up your user level with NAU in the game-like process and get access to exclusive offers from both local ​and ​nationwide ​retailers.

Anyone else feeling excited?

Hey, let’s talk about publishers and agents next time. They are those who can really add value to NAU ecosystem and these guys definitely deserve a dedicated longread.

Keep in touch and JOIN NAU!

P.S. NAU has recently successfully conducted a private presale round. The last chance to join get NAU tokens with bonus (while the price is low even without any discount, just compare it to the cost of attracting a sale in retail marketing) is the public presale round starting on October 31, 12:00 GMT. Visit for the details.