NAU Tokens: everything you wanted to know and more

Below are the detailed answers by our CEO Yaroslav Shakula to some questions relevant to the use of the cryptocurrency linked to our project which are sometimes raised in the Telegram NAU chat.

Is there a potential for NAU token price to grow?

NAU token core value is that it is used as a tool to pay rewards for sales generation. The cost of sale acquisition through traditional advertising tools available in any country is much higher than the current value of the token, it is times higher. As the number of NAU tokens is limited, it is reasonable to predict a fair but gradual increase of the token value as its demand among advertisers and users increases.

Will the tokens be tradeable on exchanges?

We are working to have our tokens traded on exchanges, as this will be the right way to ensure the token liquidity.

How can users use their tokens received as rewards?

The options might differ from one country to another. Generally, NAU tokens will be possible to exchange to other cryptocurrencies, but we working hard to introduce more convenient ways for the users to redeem their tokens to money.

What is the purpose for a retailer to pay reward tokens to a person who has attracted a user long ago?

The retailer pays a fee for the sale. It actually doesn’t matter for him who gets this reward and how long ago was the customer attracted to NAU — it’s the platform that keeps things fair and simple

Why should a retailer pay tokens as a reward to users?

Retailers use tokens as a tool to reward the attraction of the redemption of their specials offers.

What is the retailer’s customer value?

The cost of a sale attraction is not fixed but is largely dependent on the current value of the token. Retailers have the opportunity to purchase tokens at the current market value and therefore fix the cost of sale attraction for future redemption.

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