In addition to being a prevaricating charlatan, political/social-commentator, a faux-journalist, and an insufferable attention-seeker, Sunny Hundal is also a hypocritical racist.

This was clearly exemplified in an acrimonious twitter-exchange with controversial activist Tommy Robinson, where he referred to him disparagingly as “white boy”. Notwithstanding the fact that being Sikh and ‘white’ are not mutually-exclusive and that there are probably eminent ‘white’ historians out there who know more about ‘non-white’ subject-matters than me and Sunny put together, Sunny’s mention of his detractor’s “whiteness” revealed his ugly attitudes and an intrinsic inability to look past Robinson’s “skin-colour”. “White” in this context was undeniably meant in the pejorative-sense; essentially amounting to saying: “you’re white so that automatically makes you ignorant on the subject, and that makes my knowledge of it superior to yours.” No, it does not, Sunny, you dumb racist.

Speaking from a Sikh’s perspective, I believe that Sunny himself has demonstrated his profound historical illiteracy on more than one occasion. In a recent article penned for the Independent, he claimed that far-right nationalists were playing the game of “divide-and-rule” with subcontinental ethnicities in a similar manner to ‘their’ colonialist antecedents. Indeed, the British-Raj probably exacerbated the systems of social stratification and caste-based supremacist hierarchies by designating particular communities as “martial-races” suitable for recruitment into the British Indian army. However, he seemingly failed to recognise that the self-serving tyranny of the British-Raj inadvertently united diverse ethnicities against its control, making them collectively resolved to overthrow their imperialist oppressors and liberate their country. This was reflected in Shaheed Udham Singh’s adoption of the pseudonym “Ram Mohammed Singh”, a tribute to the diverse brotherhood of India. Moreover, the departure of the British-Raj immediately precipitated internecine bloodshed and violence in the Punjab region between religious groups such as the Sikhs, Muslims and Hindus. Furthermore, and onto my most important point, it could be definitely argued that divisions were deep-rooted, longstanding tensions that pre-dated European colonisation and were instead possibly created by the various Pashtun, Persianised and Turkic dynasties which conquered India and naturally persecuted the non-Muslim indigenous population, often imprisoning and in some cases executing their spiritual leaders. From analysing their respective tweets and written material, I have come to the conclusion that actually Tommy Robinson’s knowledge on this matter is superior to Hundal’s. Not bad for a ‘white-boy’, eh? When Tommy presented some of this historical information, the ‘brown-boy’ obfuscated and — in a display of hilariously fallacious stupidity — claimed that the ‘Runjit’ on the picture Tommy posted was spelt incorrectly. Well, actually, you imbecile, the name ‘Ranjit’ can be transliterated from the Gurmukhi alphabet either way. So perhaps that is another thing (pertaining to Sikh-related matters) that Tommy Robinson has enlightened you on.

Hundal has also repeatedly accused Robinson of harbouring racist attitudes for simply pointing-out the fact that that a disproportionate number of sexual-groomers in the UK are of Pakistani-origin and that Pakistani-origin males are staggeringly overrepresented in the pertinent statistics. Incidentally, the existence of this aforementioned grooming phenomenon was something which Hundal previously called into question. Although it must be taken into consideration that Tommy was actually drawing attention to concerete facts, whereas Hundal was mentioning Tommy’s skin-colour in a disparaging, derogatory manner — something which I believe is an irrefutable example of unadulterated racism. Ultimately, what does this make Sunny Hundal, someone who simultaneously masquerades as an anti-racist and purports to be an obstinate defender of freedom-of-speech? (Whilst at the same time harassing, intimidating and threatening individuals in order to prevent Tommy from gaining access to a platform) The answer is a quintessential hypocrite.

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