Goal Setting Done Right

This is the time of the year were old goals are reviewed and new goals are set. We take time to review goals from the previous year and at the same time set goals for the new year. As we look back we’ll notice that we did not accomplish most of the goals we set, if not all of them. According to statistics this is true for 92% of us, which means that only only 8% accomplish their goals. Great reason why 92% of us are not reaching those goals is because we are not setting goals the right way.

In an effort to become part of the 8% that accomplish their goals, I’ve compared my goal setting methodology with those of high achievers.

And this is what I found them to have:

Goals are to be written down: Take some time to determine where you are and where you want to go. Once you know where you want to go write it down. Don’t simply commit to memory but write it down. Writing them down will help you remember and keep you accountable.

Measurable: Set up specific and concrete goals. Avoid vague goals at all cost. Goals must be tracked, measured, quantified, etc. The point is that one needs to be able to know the before and after.

Good example: Read 12 books in one year.

Bad example: Read more.

Determine the “How”: Is the method or process how the goal will be reached. This is very important. And this is what I call the “make or break point”. Unless the how is determined (method how you will reach your goal) the goal will never come to pass.

Accomplishing goals never happens by accident.

The other day my wife and I were going over our goals for this upcoming year. And one of them was to read one book every two weeks. (Learning from past experience) I decided to do things differently and determined how reading one book every two weeks would be possible. This is what I came up with:

  • Determine how many chapters in the book
  • Based on the total chapters, I determine how many chapters I would need to read daily to finish the book in 14 days. (If the book has 28 chapters, I need to read 2 chapters per day to finish in 14 days).

*If you want to drill down further, one could determine average time it takes to read one chapter. And based on the chapters to be read one would know the amount of time needed to be set apart.

Track/Review: One of the benefits of having specific goals and determining the how, is that it facilitates tracking. Which in turn allows to determine the progress and allows to determine if we are in line to reaching our goals.

If after tracking/reviewing goals, it looks like goals won’t be reached in the predetermined time. Then we will need to adjust.

Adjust (if needed): In adjusting we will face different options, but basically two of them; 1. “Crank it up” by putting in more time, effort, etc or 2. Give yourself a longer timeline to reach them.

Happy goal setting, but more importantly setting goals the right way and accomplishing them. Becoming part of that 8%…..

Why aren’t you reaching your goals? Are you doing something wrong? If so, what?