Shining bright, always

Superheroes season is about to begin.

Blockbusters are coming our way, narrating stories of distant worlds with larger than life characters.

This season NBA had some good supernatural stories as well:

A mythical record broken by Warriors Superheroes, led by Curry and his threes from out there;

Canada only basketball team traveling to uncharted territory;

Cavaliers stealing some trees from #StrengthinNumbers forest. Twenty-five, to be more precise. The dream of a memorable night in Cleveland’s Summer, looming;

Durant and Westbrook, playing the villains — too selfish, no chemistry. And there they go, running and flying all over the court, battling their very own ghosts and demons.

And yet…

You look at that recurring presence.

Flamboyant look, precise words.

Witty and attentive. Humorous, always.

Extracting laughter from Pop frugal comments.


America’s sideline reporter. A life devoted to one competition.

His name, synonymous with NBA nights.

His style, synonymous with irreverence.

Above all, intense passion for the game of basketball.

Shining bright, always.

Through illness.

Those shining jackets, reflecting his love for the game.


And like all the best,

Ignoring the pain, narrating live occurrences.

Interviews. Business as usual. Life unfolding.

Nice words exchanged with Kevin and Marv.

Acute remarks between unexpected sparks.

As this season approaches the end

NBA Scholar looks at this courageous man

Apparently oblivious to the fact

He makes everyone understand

A real superhero is living amongst us.


Curry, LeBron, Durant, Westbrook.

Legends of the game.

Doing their thing in front of Sager,