For posterity reasons… (Podcast coming soon, on the 31st of February 😂 )

“In their minds, they were Seinfeld and 60 minutes, cross firing pearls of NBA wisdom and hilarious jokes to a vast audience of 376 bored souls. One of those strange occurrences of pure surrealism, made of not so subtle racist remarks and alleged “HIGH V (NBA) LEAGUE” knowledge. “The verbal diarrhea show” was one of the “TheC_losers” nicknames. In their minds, they were newsworthy and relevant. Pathetic.
Remember: these were the J. years. Delusions of grandeur amongst frustrated podcasters who couldn’t write more than a footnote, crazed “politicians” and con artists were left at large (vide: “Kelly Suzanne, the Con of the century: how she fooled them all”). These “Potcasters” — as they became know for their heavy usage of pot to alleviate the air waves - were the new “lost generation”. Passive-aggressive messaging (with the sophistication of a badly behaved 6 years old) was their favorite tool, which made perfect sense, all tools considered.
Not even Hunter S. Thompson could have thought of such insolent, bizarre, ignorant and sad characters, in his magnificent “Songs of the Doomed: More Notes on the Death of the American Dream”
in The Taco Times
Famous TheC_losers motto: “Even if you can’t be creatve, you can always steal the headlines…”

Sometimes, at the end, when no one was listening, he played Brel’s “Ne Me Quitte Pas” and drank gallons of milk, “sinking” of her. Not all the weekends were good. Then his medical condition started. He suffered from lactose intolerance, amongst other complicated mental conditions, such as passive-aggresive behavior and a sad case of “jealousis aguditis”.

“It‘s not an easy life,” he thought, while recording his ideas out loud, looking at the mirror. “I’m the best of this pod! The other three will drop! One day I will have my show at Swim Channel! Hell, one day I’ll replace Bruce!” He used to daydream of a career change in those corridors, one more adequate to his “skills set”. All he wanted was to swim in his swimming pool, without having to share splashes…

And remember… if not even your colleagues laugh at your jokes, it’s probably because you’re not funny.”

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