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This is going to suffer the same fate as Vinyl and for reasons beyond that this is also probably going to be…not good.

People don’t care about the music industry, particularly behind the scenes. People don’t care about roadies, or executives, or tour managers, or whomever else is loosely affiliated with the actual talent.

People don’t even really care about bands or musicians. If a major studio released a really well-made Nirvana movie, Zeppelin movie, or Stones movie — they would all flop terribly.

The exceptions are a band/individual whose cultural impact is so remarkable that the fascination is with the individual(s) moreso than the music (Basically — other than hip hop/rap — limited to Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Bowie, and Prince).

The other exception is rap/hip-hop, since suburban and White America are fascinated with black culture and a peek behind the curtain at“urban” life.

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