White people who are shocked?
Katherine Delaney

“it came from our hope in humanity, and that hope being destroyed.”

I read this as you believing that an elected HRC would mean that racism, bigotry, and misogyny doesn’t exist. This article is written to point out that it didn’t matter who was elected, but at least now those “woke” whites can be even more aware, since it is clear from all of the referenced social media posts that many white folks aren’t or weren’t.

“You are not doing yourself or your cause any favors by attacking the very people who voted and stood by equality.”

I think you need to put some thought into where you stand on these issues. I’m not saying you aren’t truly bothered by the state of our nation and how we treat the marginalized, but in my opinion, until we start viewing this as OUR problem and OUR cause we shouldn’t consider ourselves an “ally,” if that’s what you want to be called.

You aren’t going ever be able to live the oppressed reality of others, but at least try to listen without being so damn fragile.

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