My Disability Story…

Dear Viewers,

My name is Kenneth, and I am a 58 year old Man that was recently awarded Disability benefits through the Social Security Administration.

While it took me nearly (3) years to win my battle, after being “Denied” TWICE, I have discovered and aligned myself with a Professional Group of like minded Advocates who specialize in getting people APPROVED in as little as (2–11) months!

However, over the past (3) years, I’ve met So many people (like myself) that have either Applied for and been Denied, or don’t know HOW to apply, Or Where to turn for reliable Information and Answers about Social Security Disability Benefits!

To that end, I have become an Advocate in trying to Help others get APPROVED for Social Security Disability Benefits through the Social Security Administration.

Here is a “Partial List” of Health issues that I was awarded Disability for:

Degenerative Disk Disease

Osteoarthritis/Joint Pain- [Feet, Ankles, Knees, Hips, Back, Shoulders, & Neck]

Peripheral Neuropathy- [Spinal Compression & Diabetes related]



and Depression

Very few people would believe me when I told them about ALL of my PAIN because they all remembered me as an Active, FIT High School & College Athlete. But what people tend to forget is that we ALL Age Differently, and all of us don’t have the same medical problems. And, even if we did we All experience and Handle Pain differently accordingly to How our bodies are able to Tolerate PAIN.

When I was Younger, and actively playing Sports, I had a VERY High Pain Tolerance! But now that I have gotten Older, AND the Pain is to the point of being completely ”overwhelming” and effecting my Entire Body, my Pain tolerance is far less than it use to be because of my MULTIPLE Health issues!

Anyway, I just wanted to let my viewers know that you aren’t ALONE in what you are going through? I Pray that you somehow find the Relief to your Pain, and the answers All of your questions as you continue your journey through Life.

For More information about How to Apply for, or see if you Qualify for Disability Benefits through the Social Security Administration
please ask me for a FREE copy of our Disability Digest, Or the Fibromyalgia Digest.

Thanks for checkin out my first post, and feel free to come share your Stories and experiences with Disability Benefits issues…

God Bless.