5 Ways the American Rescue Plan is Helping North Carolinians

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3 min readMar 19, 2021


President Biden and congressional Democrats passed the historic American Rescue Plan (ARP), which will bring much needed relief to North Carolinians suffering during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are five ways the ARP will help you, no thanks to any Republicans.

1. It sends $1,400 checks to those who need them most.

Over 6.5 million North Carolinans will directly receive checks from the federal government, and many are already seeing the direct payments hit their bank accounts.These checks provide immediate help for families to pay their bills and make up for money lost during the pandemic.

2. It cuts childhood poverty.

In North Carolina, one in five families with children struggle to get enough to eat. The benefits the ARP provides to healthcare, child care, and education are estimated to lift 137,000 children out of poverty in NC.

3. It gets shots in arms.

The ARP provides America with billions of dollars to help equitable vaccine distribution. The money is critical to continuing the fast and fair process of getting more and more folks vaccinated.

4. It incentivizes Medicaid Expansion

Medicaid Expansion alone benefits North Carolina by expanding health care access, keeping rural hospitals open, and combating the opioid crisis. (More here) But Republicans in the General Assembly have been blocking it for years. Now, the ARP sweetens the pot by providing a $2.4 billion incentive for North Carolina to take this critical step.

5. It helps *SAFELY* reopen schools.

North Carolina will receive more than $3.6 billion to help schools get the resources they need to reopen safely. The money is critically needed so students and educators can safely return to the classroom, and they’ll get it, no thanks to the NC GOP.

This is a huge accomplishment, but we still have so much work to do to help our country recover from this pandemic. One thing is clear: we have to keep electing Democrats up and down the ballot to get critical, progressive legislation like the American Rescue Plan across the finish line. But we have to make sure North Carolina voters know that it was Democrats who did this — not a single Republican. Now is your chance to tell people how the American Rescue Plan is helping you and your family! Take action by:

  1. Posting on social media under the hashtag #HelpisHere to educate friends and family on the benefits of the ARP. Click here to tweet.
  2. Sending us a video here so the NCDP can amplify your story.
  3. Writing a short, first-person Op-ed or Letter to the Editor in your local newspaper highlighting what the ARP means for you and your community. Find the “Contact Us” section on their website to submit your piece.



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