My conversation with someone who said their taxes went up

By Claude Pope
Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party

I was talking to someone yesterday who said they paid more in state taxes last year. Here’s how the conversation more or less went:

Them: Hey, Claude. Why did the GOP raise my taxes last year?

Me: Why do you say that?

Them: Well, for the first time ever, I paid $35 to the state of North Carolina on April 15. I usually break even.

Me: Well, because of the income tax cuts signed into law in 2013, how much more did you make in each of your paychecks every month?

Them: I don’t know, but I have my pay stubs right here. Let me compare real quick.

Them: Wow! I made $100 more a month than I did the year before!

Me: See, because of GOP-led income tax cuts, you took home an extra $1,200 last year in your paychecks. Even when you calculate that you paid $35 on April 15, you still came out ahead $1,165 on your North Carolina taxes.

Them: Wow, I guess I didn’t pay more taxes after all. Why then have I heard about the GOP raising my taxes?

Me: Because the Democrats are desperately trying to spin the facts and lie to the people of North Carolina. And the media just prints their spin instead of asking the tough questions.

Them: Wow, the Democrats must be so desperate to take back control of North Carolina!

Me: Yeah, tell me about it. They didn’t think we should have cut taxes at all! They think government should get more of your paycheck each month because they know how to spend it best. But guess what?

Them: What?

Me: Even though we gave people more of their income back, North Carolina still has a $400 million budget surplus.

Them: Wow! That’s great news for North Carolina! Why doesn’t the media print that?

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