With a New Study on Household Income, the Democrats Attack Themselves

Did the Democrats Deliberately Try and Mislead the Media?

“I don’t know if Democrats and left-leaning groups just didn’t realize what they were attacking, or if they are deliberately trying to mislead the media into reporting something that isn’t true. Regardless, the fact that a so-called ‘think tank’ with ties to liberal billionaires hired a strategic research and communications firm to produce a study to falsely attack Governor McCrory should put all members of the media on high alert.” — Todd Poole, executive director of the North Carolina Republican Party.


Members of the media recently received a new “study” looking at household income in North Carolina conducted by John Quinterno of South by North Strategies, Ltd. And you may have noticed that the report’s title, “A COMEBACK SHORT OF THE MARK,” is a not-so-veiled attack on Governor McCrory and the Carolina Comeback. The report claims that falling household income in North Carolina shows that “proclamations of a ‘Carolina Comeback’ far short of the mark.”

The North Carolina Democrat Party seized on this report, even taking to Twitter to blame Governor McCrory.

The only problem? The study looks at household income from 2007–2013, or the period when Bev Perdue was largely in office! Moreover, the report was actually commissioned by a former ProgressNC and Bev Perdue staffer, and was conducted by a strategic research and communications firm.

Background: A report brought to you by…

It is important to note that this “study” was commissioned by a former Governor Bev Perdue staffer. According to the press release, “the report was written by John Quinterno of South by North Strategies, Ltd. on behalf of Think NC First.” Think NC First’s executive director is Justin Guillory, a former member of Bev Perdue’s administration who also worked at the secretive liberal attack organization ProgressNC.

ProgressNC is a member of the Blueprint NC organization, whose secret 2013 memo outlined a comprehensive plan to “eviscerate” and “cripple” Pat McCrory by launching these kinds of attacks.

Additionally, information found on South by North Strategies own website calls into question the report itself. According to its website, South by North Strategies, “provides research services, communications assistance, and organizational solutions tailored to the needs of clients… seeking to understand and shape public policy on the state and regional levels.”

Finally, Think NC Progress is affiliated with and funded by the “Democracy Alliance,” the national donor network of liberal billionaires like George Soros who are funneling money to North Carolina to push their radical agenda and take back control to the states. You can learn more about Democracy Alliance and their plans by reading this recent Washington Post article.