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Our Carolina Promise: Building a state that works for everyone

In 2018, Democrats in the House and Senate unveiled our unified agenda — a roadmap to creating a healthier and more prosperous state where ALL people have an equal chance to live with purpose and abundance.

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Over the past decade, North Carolina has been in the national headlines for all the wrong reasons: racial gerrymandering, voter suppression, attacks on the LGBTQ community, the motorcycle abortion bill, devestating cuts to unemployment benefits, and a block on health insurance for working families in the midst of a public health crisis.

That’s not the North Carolina that we know. And that’s not the future that we want for our kids.

For the past decade, Phil Berger has had unchallenged and unchecked power over the people’s house. His extremist agenda has derailed progress and opportunity for working families across our state.

It’s time for new, collective leadership that supports Governor Cooper’s vision for a brighter, stronger North Carolina.

So, what does that look like?

Here are Senate Democrats’ priorities for North Carolina’s future:

Our Public Education.

  • Raise teacher and principal pay to the national average.
  • Provide the nurses and support staff needed to keep students healthy and safe.
  • Expand early childhood programs to ensure all children are ready for school.
  • Give our schools the resources they need to succeed.

Our Health and Safety.

  • Expand Medicaid to save lives and keep hospitals and healthcare jobs in our rural communities.
  • Pass common sense gun safety laws.
  • Fight back against COVID-19 with science, data, and facts.
  • Ensure clean air and safe drinking water.

Our Jobs.

  • Create an economy that works for everyone.
  • Rebuild our infrastructure.
  • Equal pay for equal work.
  • Ensure workers get the pay and benefits they earned and deserve.
  • Promote programs for job training and retraining, like “earn while you learn” programs, apprenticeships, and access to vocational education.

Our People.

  • Protect the right to vote for everyone.
  • Keep judges fair and independent.
  • Stand for equal rights and protections for all.
  • Pass independent redistricting to end gerrymandering once and for all.

Read our full agenda here.

Now, in 2020, Senate Democrats are poised to make good on our promise. This is a commitment to what’s possible with more Democrats in office and a pledge to our democratic values.

We are just five seats away from taking the majority and, together, we can make this agenda a reality for North Carolina.

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