Summer reading: 10 resources to improve your coaching skills

Making improvements in your school isn’t something you can do alone — you need the support of an effective team. It’s vital to ensure your team have access to high-quality professional development, and that you can support them by offering coaching and mentoring.

New to coaching and mentoring?

If you’re starting a new role this year and are eager to develop or refresh your coaching skills:

  • A set of videos with practical advice on coaching and the benefits it can have on both staff and pupils
  • Our e-learning module, which introduces the core skills needed to be an effective coach

Embedding a coaching culture in your school….

If you’re looking at ways to embed structured professional development routes in your school, our blog has a variety of examples you can draw on:

In addition to the e-learning module above, our advanced module also offers guidance on introducing a coaching culture to your school.

…and across the wider school system

If you’re keen to share your expertise with others, while continuing to develop your leadership skills, you may be interested in finding out more about the different system leader roles, such as national leaders of education, and how they contribute to improving standards in schools.

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