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The week of August 21, 2016

The Best Times for Tweets, Facebook Posts, Emails, and More (read more)

Social media can be a tough one to tackle. New data, new posting methods, and a lot of content are always getting thrown at us. Tweets live for minutes on Twitter; and posts live for a few minutes more on Facebook. So how do we break the social media code? Buffer, the social media scheduling tool, has some great insight into being a social media king or queen. FYI: The weekends reign supreme.

Defining Product Design: A Dispatch from Airbnb’s Design Chief (read more)

Designers wanted…says most startups to mid-size companies. But where do designers fit in with the U/UX designers and engineers? That’s the challenge. Creating a more defined role within engineering, product, AND designers from the start, may help designers and companies meet and create beautiful things.

One Kings Lane sold for less than $30 million after being valued at $900 million (read more)

All that glitters is not always gold. On the cusp of two huge deals for and Dollar Shave Club, eCommerce is reminded of the risks and challenges companies are faced with One King Lane. Once a home goods darling for vintage and flash sales, One Kings Lane sold to Bed, Bath, and Beyond for less than $30M. A hard pill to swallow considering the company was once valued at $900M. Ouch.

Tech Companies Call for Brexit Plan to Keep Internet Borders Open (read more)

England, the EU, the stock market, and currencies aren’t the only ones worrying about the full impact of Brexit. Tech and telecommunication companies are concerned about data flows between the UK and the EU, since information during online purchases often times zip across borders, and companies are fearing Brexit may cause an impediment in digital traffic.

‘Lifestage’ is Facebook’s answer to Snapchat, and it may be onto something (read more)

First Snapchat. Then Instagram. And now Facebook. With the launch of the social media giant’s Lifestage App (just for teens — under 21), they are navigating the waters of video sharing and hoping a younger audience falls back in love with their engaging ways. Only time will tell.

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