Sponsors who join NASCAR has seemed to fade, especially sponsors who join teams and sponsor NASCAR Cup cars. So, when you look at the past few years we have seen new sponsors come like; Busch Beer, Jimmy Johns, Farmers Insurance, AARP, Auto Owners Insurance, & Cessna. But, there is also sponsors who return to the sport such as; 5-Hour Energy, Miller Lite, & Great Clips. So, if new sponsors come to NASCAR what company are they and who should they go with? In no way am I saying this is possible but, it definitely should make you wonder about new sponsors and the driver a new sponsor should choose to endorse there company.

  • Walmart: The customer base and NASCAR fan base are equal. They have plenty of money and NASCAR certainly wouldn’t be a bad investment. The driver I am thinking of is humble & will never be looked at as a guy who thinks he is better then anybody else. Best fit driver for this company: Chris Buescher.
  • John Deere: A company that has plenty of competition. You can attract to a Sunday NASCAR farmer fan on Sunday. Then, sell a tractor to him on Monday. The man I am thinking of can be many drivers but, it has to be somebody who works outside on his land. Best fit driver for this company: Ryan Newman
  • Starbucks: Starbucks needs to attract a different class of people if they want to expand in the United States. That is why they should sponsor a NASCAR. The person who would be the best endorser for Starbucks is a guy you can see drinking coffee, has a lot of energy, and would endorse it whenever he got a chance. Best fit driver for this company: Jamie McMurray
  • Fabletics: We have all seen the company that has commercials on every network. Kate Hudson’s new active wear line called, Fabletics places people in tight spandex that they can workout in. The driver I am thinking of is a lady and she loves yoga which, she could do in Fabletics. Best fit driver for this company: Danica Patrick
  • Under Armour: They already have there foot in racing. With, Hendrick Motorsports wearing there gear but, they don’t wear it on Sunday which, gives UA no attention whatsoever. This company has there hands on everything such as; Football, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Golf, and MMA. The driver I think of is a guy who trains like a fighter, plays golf, and races in NASCAR. Best fit driver for this company: Kasey Kahne

Now, will any of these sponsors or sponsor and driver combinations happen…probably not. But, nobody thought Jimmy Johns would sponsor a NASCAR team and they do now. They sponsor Kevin Harvick & the #4 Stewart Haas Cup car. Just have to wait and see!

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