Cramer’s vote on budget bill threatens Medicaid, Medicare, nutrition assistance & opioid funding — all to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy

Big Surprise: State Sen. Tom Campbell hasn’t said a word

Congressman Kevin Cramer voted to slash Medicaid, Medicare, nutrition assistance and opioid funding in order to pay for tax cuts for the ultra wealthy.

Congressman Kevin Cramer today voted in favor of Senate Republicans’ budget reconciliation bill, a blueprint paving the way for massive cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, nutrition assistance and the fight against opioid addiction — all to pay for tax cuts for the super wealthy. 
Cramer’s vote to jeopardize addiction services comes on the same day President Trump declared a “public health emergency” related to the opioid crisis, stopping short of calling for a full-on “national emergency,” as he repeatedly promised to do.
Meanwhile, in news that should surprise no one, U.S. Senate candidate and state politician Tom Campbell — who’s already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on “slicker-than-snot” television ads — hasn’t said a word about these proposed cuts to programs that are vital to North Dakota.

Another slicker-than-snot TV ad from state politician Tom Campbell.

“As Senator Heidi Heitkamp recently said: It’s entirely possible to craft tax reform for middle-income families without giving a hand out to the ultra-wealthy,” said Democratic-NPL executive director Scott McNeil. “But the fact is, the Republican budget blueprint shows the true priorities of folks like Rep. Cramer and state Sen. Campbell. They’re giving nothing more than lip service to middle-income folks while giving themselves massive tax cuts paid for by slashing programs that are vital to North Dakota families.”


  • Last week, Senate Republicans passed a partisan budget blueprint that would make devastating cuts to programs like Medicaid and Medicare, in order to pay for tax breaks for the super wealthy. This morning, House Republicans followed suit.
  • The Republican tax cuts aren’t paid for. The budget blueprint would increase the deficit by at least $1.5 trillion, forcing even deeper cuts to programs that benefit working North Dakotans.


  • The budget blueprint calls for more than $1 trillion in Medicaid cuts — even deeper cuts than Republicans proposed in their health care repeal bills.
  • In North Dakota, over 93,000 people who rely on Medicaid are at risk, including:
  • One-in-fourteen North Dakota adults under the age of 65.
  • One-in-three low-income North Dakotans.
  • One-in-four children.
  • One-in-two nursing home residents.
  • One-in-three people with disabilities. [SOURCE]



  • The Senate budget calls for deep cuts to programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).
  • SNAP helps 54,000 North Dakota families put healthy food on their tables and stay out of poverty — in addition to being a vital program for our farmers and agriculture sector.
  • In North Dakota, 73 percent of SNAP beneficiaries are families with children.


  • Across the country — and especially in states hit hardest by opioid addiction — Medicaid is among the most important tools for combating the opioid crisis.
  • In fact, Medicaid is the single largest funding source for behavioral health care in the country, providing about $60 billion for behavioral health, including substance use disorders.