How Do We Discover Happiness and Peace of Mind?
Ross J. Edwards

When I meditate I often feel my sense of proprioception go hey wire and with my eyes closed it starts to feel like the room is swelling or shrinking, like there is a wall right in from of my face or like my head is inflating. I feel it as though something physical is happening in the room and its very uncomfortable.

I downloaded an app called 10% Happier and through it I was able to message a local meditation instructor who told me it was my energy growing and looking to expand, she told me it was normal and I should follow the flow of my energy.

I followed her advice as she described it to me and it’s helped, in a fashion. Does that mean her description of this real event happening in the real, physical world was accurate and encompassing?

When acupuncturist shows a map of chi and chi clusters are they showing you a map of something real? Are they not showing you a rudimentary map of your nervous+arterial system? An acupuncturist may say chi but what they are referring to is a set of physical spaces on the body which produce physical effects, they are using a medical term, it’s just an ancient and poorly defined medical term.

Acupuncture is an attempt at wholeness which I do not see achieved in spiritualism, an attempt to include physical reality, predictions about the real world and the physical things in it, relationships which can be observed and whose outcomes can be confidently predicted. Wholeness must include and respect all established facts, not dismiss them as of the physical plane.

But what if we discover something which totally changes our view of reality? When Einstein changed physics in 1905, he turned everything on its head right? But even then NOT A SINGLE formula or fact previously established as true was tossed out, they were all incorporated, because a fact is a fact even with a paradigm shift. Even with a shift we would NEVER BE ABLE to toss out a single fact, we would have to encompass everything that came before and that is what happened in 1905, and that’s what has made it all so difficult, that we cannot ever throw away established facts about reality, we have to encompass all of them and keep going even when we find out something paradigm shifting. In order to make the paradigm shift Einstein had to break poorly defined concepts

Tout ce qui est profond aime le masque

When I followed her advice I didn’t know what to do, I waited for the strange proprioception feelings to come and then tried to “allow” the weirdness and treat it as expansive energy inside my body. I found it helpful. It wasn’t a complete description of the neurochemistry that was happening, nor a description of how my body was able to produce the feeling, nor a description of how to make the feeling stop. It was an approach that let me survive better. It isn’t wholeness by itself.