Tom Mulcair: I believe survivors

Canada’s NDP
Mar 24, 2016 · 1 min read

Sexual assault is a crime. But sadly, it is a crime that is seldom reported and that leads even less frequently to a conviction. This must change and we can all be part of changing this unacceptable reality.

During my tenure at the professions board in Quebec, I encountered the culture of dismissive victim-blaming when it came to sexual abuse by physicians. I learned that it was not only the rules that needed to be strengthened — and not only the protections that needed to be increased — but also the culture that needed to change, and drastically.

There is also no doubt that the fear of not being believed may prevent a survivor of sexual assault from coming forward. This is where we all come in.

I believe we need to strengthen protections for survivors of sexual assault. I believe that access to comprehensive support services for survivors should be a right. And most importantly, I believe survivors.

Tom Mulcair Leader Canada’s New Democrats

Canada’s NDP

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