Monthly Report | NEXT 2019 October Monthly Report

Nov 1 · 2 min read

Hello everyone, NEXT community monthly report in October! Welcome to know the latest progress of the next step.

- NEOLine Wallet

— Android

· Keep the value of the asset in two decimal places;

· Fix known issues;

· Latest version 1.0.2.

— iOS

· The iOS version of the wallet is about to be developed.

- Progress of community projects

1、The Token

· The Token 2.0 development;

· Market push service test;

· K line completion service is being improved;

· Fix known bugs.

2、Blolys Browser

· Data query pipeline blocking problem repair;

· Database configuration optimization;

· Code update optimization.

- Other community improvements

1. NEXT Community Online Sharing-Small Classroom

In order to let more new users in the NEXT community understand the NEO technical knowledge and enhance the awareness of dApp. The NEXT community has opened an online live sharing class and a small online technology class. At present, the online sharing class has been carried out in 10 sessions, and the online technical small class has been updated to forty lessons.


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Next, you’ll be the killer ! 看得见的区块链,dapp孵化器 —— NEO未来社区

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