NEO-NEXT Community 2019 Annual Report

Dec 31, 2019 · 5 min read

The upcoming 2019 is a year of rapid development of the blockchain. In this year, we saw many adherents who are constantly exploring innovation in this industry and providing value to users. We have also seen that the head companies of traditional industries have gradually become the main force of the blockchain industry practice.

At the end of this year, we have summarized the work review of the NEXT community over the past year. There are small to iterative version iterations, there are major events that impress you and me, and the mobile community is looking forward to The launch of the wallet.

2019 NEXT community event

On April 26th, NEOLine, the first NEO wallet plugin, was officially launched.

On April 27th, after the April NEO DAPP Global Blockchain Application Development Challenge successfully concluded, a total of 23 participating teams, including more than 150 developers.

On May 16th, the first NEXT community online live sharing class officially started.

On August 4th, the 2019 NEO Eco-Construction New Chapter · 50 Plan special session was successfully held in Hangzhou.

On August 9th, NEODAPP.STORE was officially launched.

On August 14th, NEOLine wallet entered the mobile terminal development stage.

On October 8th, began to plan and develop the asset custody system Forpay.

On November 3rd, the block browser Blyos underwent brand optimization and upgrade, and launched a new name NeoTube.

On November 13th, NEOLine’s mobile wallet entered internal beta.

On November 19th, the NEOLine mobile wallet officially launched a global public beta.

On December 30th, NEOLine launched the News section and DApp section.

1、Development Summary

1、NEOLine wallet chrome extension

The NEOLine wallet chrome extension was launched in April 19th, which standardized the wallet dAPI standard and is 100% compatible with the NEO dAPI standard. The latest version 1.1.0!


2、NEOLine mobile wallet

In August 2019, NEOLine wallet entered the mobile terminal development stage.

In September 2019, the NEOLine mobile wallet entered the closing stage.

In November 2019, the NEOLine mobile wallet officially launched a global public beta.

In December 2019, NEOLine information and application interface went online.

From the official start of the global public beta to the last version iteration in 19 next year, there have been 2 major version updates in the middle:

Android (1.1.5) added fingerprint recognition function; iOS (1.3.1) added Face ID / Touch ID identity unlock function; and newly added information and applications in the latest version (Android 1.3.0 / iOS 1.5.1) interface.

Official Website:

3、NeoTube Browser

The brand browser Blolys has been optimized and upgraded, and a new name NeoTube and a new simple UI style have been introduced to provide users with the most convenient NEO blockchain information query.

Official Website:


In August 19th, was officially launched, with a total of 80+ applications and tools for the receiving set. Contains several major functional modules including DApp selection and recommendation, NEO ecological application, DApp ranking and search, and various types of data monitoring and analysis.

Official Website:

5、Forpay asset custody system

In October 19, Forpay Asset Custody System officially entered the development phase.

In November 19, support for NEO-based assets was added.

In December 19, support for BTC assets was added; system architecture was adjusted and optimized, and system cluster stability was improved.

2、Operation progress

1、2019 NEXT community user inventory

In 2019, the total number of NEOLine community users exceeded 6,000, and there were 200+ developers and product managers.

2、2019 NEXT community activities inventory

January 18th: NEXT Community Blockchain Technology Sharing Conference · Ningbo University Station

January 25th: NEXT Community College Blockchain Technology Sharing Session · Ningbo Engineering College Station

March 6th: NEXT Community College Blockchain Technology Sharing Session · Shanghai Jiaotong University Station

March 13th: NEXT Community College Blockchain Technology Sharing Session · Tongji University Station

March 22nd: NEXT community college blockchain technology sharing meeting · Hangzhou Dianzi University Station

March 26th: NEXT Community Blockchain Technology Sharing Session at Zhejiang University Station

The preliminary round of the “NEO DAPP Global Blockchain Application Development Challenge” ended on April 1.

April 9th: The first section of the NEXT Online Technical Classroom officially started (the current 50 hours of online technical class class are all over)

April 15th: The online reading activity of “Understanding the Blockchain Together” was started

April 26th: Voting for the most popular DApps in the “NEO DAPP Global Blockchain Application Development Challenge”

April 27th: “NEO DAPP Global Blockchain Application Development Challenge” officially ended

May 16th: NEXT Online Class I: What are the possibilities of blockchain games? (13 issues currently underway)

August 4th: Successfully held “2019, a new chapter in NEO ecological co-construction-” 50 plan “special session” in Hangzhou

November 13th: NEOLine Wallet Opens Limited Invitational Beta Event

November 19th: NEOLine Wallet opens to launch global public beta activities

December 30th: In celebration of the launch of the [Information] and [Application] interfaces of NEOLine, NEOLine joined hands with NeoWorld, FishChain, CardMaker, CryptoFast, Monster World, Blockchain Pets, Chain Tour Masters and other 7 high-quality DApp project parties to organize “ DApp New Year Party.

Bit-wise service!

Long winter, we never leave!

2019, thank you for your company!

In the new year, the NEXT community will, as always, strengthen its conviction and continue to be committed to bringing the NEO blockchain into ordinary life applications. It will focus on supporting and promoting the application of blockchain technology in traditional industries to serve different industries. Designers and enthusiasts provide design and development assistance.

Finally, say “Happy New Year”, I hope that the people who accompany you at this moment are the most important people and the most beautiful scenery!


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