NEOLine Latest Version Progress Details

Dec 30, 2019 · 4 min read

The latest version of NEOLine is upgraded, adding information columns, application sections and other functions.

The new year is coming, and I wish everyone a happy New Year in advance!

This is our last version update this year, and the most important one since our NEOLine wallet went online. The previous wallet has limited functions. We are aware that a wallet with basic functions such as payment and transfer is not enough. Therefore, in this upgrade, we have added an information column and an application section for NEOLine. Looking forward to bringing a better experience to users.

The details of the upgrade are as follows:

The latest version of NEOLine for Android is 1.3.0, and the latest version of iOS is 1.5.1.

· Added information columns, including Chinese newsletter, community section; English news, Twitter section;

· Increase the application section and provide more DApps of the NEO series;

· Increase application search, convenient for users to search existing applications and search to open other links;

· Added third-party application jump user prompts;

· Added alert and application sharing functions;

· Fix known bugs.

The wallet interface has been greatly revised. In this upgrade, we mainly added the [DApp] and [News] sections to the bottom function bar of the wallet. The switching is convenient and smooth. The updated main interface of the wallet is as follows.

1.Increase information column

The information is divided into two sections, the news flash and community sections in the Chinese version; the news and Twitter sections in the English version.

The [News] interface under the Chinese version will provide you with blockchain industry news, and it will be updated in real time to let everyone know about the big and small things in the blockchain circle; [Community] interface will update the wallet dynamics in real time, we will also present the activity information of the NEXT community and the DApp project parties who have settled in the [DApp] interface of the NEOLine wallet.

[Featured] and [Twitter] in the English version mainly connect overseas industry information and NEO overseas community developments.

2. Increase application section

In the application section, we can see that our wallet has access to many high-quality DApps of the NEO system.Click on the icon above, such as [NEOTube], a window will pop up in the jumped page — authorization page. Click [OK] to jump to the main page of the third-party application.

The application section also adds [Search] and [Hot] functions.

Click on the search bar at the top and enter the DApp you need.,you can quickly find existing applications. In addition, you can also use hot search to understand the DApp that everyone is currently using. By the way, the history bar will keep your recent searches,convenient for your next search.

Of course, if you think a DApp is very good, and you want to share it with others, you can click the details button at the top right of the application’s main page (as shown below) to share your favorite DApp.

At present, the number of DApps we have online is not very large, and more excellent DApps will be launched in the future. If you have a good DApp,you can add our wallet customer service WeChat (ID: shanglian1423) to recommend!

Note: The contents of this update must be updated to the latest version before you can use it.

How to update:

On the wallet [Setting] interface, click [About us] [Version] to update, or enter the official website ( to download the update.

Finally, remember to back up your private key. Before you upgrade your wallet, please make sure that the private key of each wallet is backed up, and keep in mind that the private key 8 is not principled:

· Do not use mail to transfer or store private keys;

· Do not use WeChat collections or cloud backups to store private keys;

· Don’t take screenshots or take photos and save mobile phone albums to save private keys;

· Do not use WeChat or QQ to transmit private keys;

· Don’t tell the people around you the private key;

· Do not send private keys to the group;

· Do not use Apple IDs provided by others;

· Do not import private keys into unknown third-party websites.

Remember, secret keys are not kept offline, which is very dangerous. The most secure way is to keep clear handwriting, distinguish between uppercase and lowercase, and make two copies in a handwritten notepad. Keep them in different places and forbid acquaintances or people with ulterior motives to see them.

Next, you’ll be the killer ! 看得见的区块链,dapp孵化器 —— NEO未来社区

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