Year In Review 2017 Nepal Entrepreneurs’ Hub

The closure of the year brings back memories of an eventful year that has been 2017 AD. The past 12 months at Nepal Entrepreneurs’ Hub (NEHUB) has been a great learning experience to all our stakeholders working to contribute and enhance the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the country. NEHUB would like to take this opportunity to extend New Year’s greeting to our well wishers supporting our initiation to support and nurture entrepreneurship, support startup communities, contribute towards a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem and facilitate investment in budding, small and medium enterprises. With the conclusion of Twenty (20) Events and One (1) Project we have been successful in adding to our current pool of entrepreneurs and startups. We were able to expand our network and reach out to over Thousand entrepreneurs and Hundred startups operating in our country this year.

agriBusiness BootCamp 2017

The success of the first agriBusiness BootCamp 2017, has definitely been the crown jewel for NEHUB. With a view to promote agribusiness entrepreneurship and innovation in Nepal, we successfully organized the agribusiness BootCamp 2017. The one-of- its kind program encompassing a series of events, concluded in Kathmandu with the announcement of the top agribusinesses in the country. NEHUB utilized an innovative and multi-funneling approach to screen and shortlist applicants to feed them to the Agribusiness BootCamp 2017. A total of 641 applications (383 new ides/ startups and 258 existing businesses) from all walks of life and from across the country applied for the BootCamp.

The Ministry of Agricultural Development (MoAD) and The World Bank Group had commissioned NEHUB to organize the program which was supported by infoDev. Business Oxygen Private Limited (Bo2) was the partner for the event.

Spark Talks & Meetups

Expanding our horizon this year marked a significant achievement in Spark Talks & Meetups. For the first time NEHUB hosted its flagship event Spark Talks & Meetups, outside Kathmandu in Pokhara. We hosted 5 Spark Talks & Meetups this year, international experts and investors from across the globe shared their personal and technical experiences to enthusiast entrepreneurs. These events provided a platform for entrepreneurs in the community to get together for an incredible experience of inspiration, learning and sharing. The list of speakers sharing their entreprneurial journey in Spark Talk & Meetups are:

  1. Mr. Robert Gardias (CEO, Oliver Publishing Inc)
  2. Mr. Liam Cheung (CEO and CCO, Tactex Asset Management)
  3. Mr. Julian Webb (Business Incubation Consultant, infoDev World Bank)
  4. Mr. Karmath Dangol (Co- Founder, NEHUB)
  5. Mr. Amrit Man Tuladhar (CEO ,
  6. Mr. Raywant Singh (CEO, Uno Discount Cards)
  7. Mr. Ganesh Shah (Former Minister Environment, Science and Technology)
  8. Ms. Sunita Nhemaphuki (Chairperson, R & D Innovative Solution Pvt. Ltd
  9. Mr. Brijendra Rochan Joshi(Co- Founder, Nepal Entrepreneurs’ Hub)

Startup Weekend Kathmandu

Nepal Entrepreneurs’ Hub in collaboration with Kathmandu University organized the Eleventh edition of Startup Weekend, Startup Weekend Kathmandu: University Edition, from November 10–12 at Kathmandu University School of Management, Balkumari. The event supported students who were budding entrepreneurs wanting to convert their raw ideas into a startup. The sponsors of the event were Unilever, Professional Education Consultancy, Majesty Consultancy, the Digital Marketing Partner was i Ads, the Digital Payment Partner was Khalti,the Media Partner for the event was New Business Age and the SMS Partner of the event was Sparrow SMS.

NEHUB Spark Week

To celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week 2017 on the month of November, NEHUB and Global Entrepreneurship Network aspired and collaborated with various organizations to organize a 5 day event titled NEHUB Spark Week 2017 from 22nd — 26th November. Organized for the first time in Nepal, Spark Week was a jamboree with coming together of many stakeholders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem celebrating the spirit of entrepreneurship. It brought together scattered ecosystem actors along with other players such as media, bilateral organizations, I/NGOs, etc. to come and work together.

The event was sponsored by Nepal Innovation Lab, Islington College and Local Intervention Group (LIG). NEHUB Spark Week 2017 included one panel discussion per day for five days which incorporated various essential elements of starting and growing a sustainable business.

In our quest to support entrepreneurship and enhancing the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the country NEHUB also partnered with national and international organization to organize entrepreneurship budding programs. Having the experience and the knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship, NEHUB supported different programs as a Knowledge Partner. The list of these programs are:

  1. Hult Prize at IOE, Pulchowk Campus — 2018
  2. Hult Prize at School Of Management, Tribhuvan University 2017–2018
  3. Youth Co:Lab Nepal: National Dialogue on Social Entrepreneurship
  4. NIMBUS Agro Trade & Investment 2017
  5. South Asian Women Development Forum (SAWDF) “Across Barriers International Women Summit”
  6. South Asian Women Development Forum (SAWDF) Women’s Day Celebration

These were the major highlights of the year 2017 at NEHUB. With every passing year we plan to expand our network to reach out to entrepreneurs in every areas of the country and 2018 would not be any different. We have many programs lined up for the coming year please stay tuned with us for more details. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter at “@nehub_” for more.

Originally published at on December 25, 2017.

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