Co-creating a new view of the NEME

By Nemetics Institute

These days, we Nemeticians have been co-creating a visualization of a NEME. We thought we’d share a bit of what we’re learning in the process. What’s particularly exciting about our new view of the NEME is that it will be published in the Encyclopedia of Information Science & Technology alongside a new work in the field of Nemetics and Transmedia Literacies by Ray Gallon.

The sketches that led up the development of this NEME were made by Daniel Durrant with the feedback of the team. Ray Gallon led the project. A vision of two nested spheres was the initial description. The inside sphere was to represent energy and the outside sphere would be its constraint (as seen in the figure at the top of this post). Michael Josefowicz explained it in more detail:

The nemetical world is hierarchical as commonly used in the complexity discourse. A more accurate picture is one of nested spheres. Instead of bottom up or top down, the nemetic language is from inside to outside and from outside to inside. Any sphere can be seen as a neme. The proximate inner sphere is the source of energy. The proximate outer sphere is the source of constraints. With a slice view, the interactions appear in a standard 2D commonplace data visualizations. Eg Graphs etc.

The energy of a NEME can be enhanced or diminished by its surrounding constraints. Some people wield more power over others to establish constraints in time and space, setting up rules and mechanisms that determine the actions others can engage. Some constraints in time and space break down as we become more connected, via transmedia in the World Wide Web for example. Yet we may remain constrained by language, by our own biases, habits, and cultures. We are always up against limits, yet we persevere in channeling our energies around constraints, or working within more authentic constraints that enable us to reach our goals.

In Nemetics, energy is both embodied and recognized as inseparable from matter, as Albert Einstein’s famous equation has shown us. Energy is pervasive and flowing through everything. This energy is also prana, a Sanskrit word which Dibyendu De tells us means “energy flow”.

A NEME is a quanta of energy we Notice, Engage, Mull, and Exchange. This code helps us experience and understand the energy within its constraints. A nemetic quanta of energy may become a part of us, entangle with us, dance with us, and flow within us. What Dibyendu De writes in his post on the 5 Pillars of Nemetics explains the dynamic in which we process these flows of energy.

There are five pillars of Nemetics on which the whole discipline keeps evolving organically. Primarily, these are not about tools and techniques but flexible ways to move and develop our faculties of Seeing (Notice), Feeling (Engage), Thinking (Mull) and Doing (Exchange). The N, E, M, E come together to form a NEME, which is the central theme of Nemetics.

In Nemetics, energy also relates to the laws of thermodynamics. We see how energy flows back and forth into and out of systems via exergonic and endergonic processes. These dynamics are principles of Exchange. The systems that Exchange may be ourselves, or other biological systems such a plant or cell.

In Nemetics, constraints are slightly tricky. We decided that one sphere containing another made of energy was not sufficient to explain our understanding of a NEME. So MJ suggested we have three nested spheres, each acting as constraints upon energy between micro, meso, and macro levels. We mapped the three levels (3M) to Dibyendu De’s RGB waves model of Red events, Green behaviors, and Blue consciousness.

The header of the blog by Dibyendu De

Dibyendu De (DD) explains the RGBwave model in his post on 5 Pillars of Nemetics:

[The RGB waves model] helps us understand any phenomenon happening around us in the the material world.
R wave represents ‘events’ that take place around us.
G wave represents the ‘behavior(s)’ of human beings and of systems that initiate any event.
B wave stands for ‘intentions’ and ‘beliefs’ that lead to particular behaviors which precipitate ‘events.’
This principle is applicable for generation of any complex event or system and hence useful for understanding any complex system.
The R, G, B waves of individuals and systems are constantly interacting with RGB waves of other interdependent individuals, systems and the environment to create dynamic complexity.

In that same post, DD goes into detail about the three levels (3M) as well:

The idea is to look at the Meso level of anything and then go one level up to see what the constraints are and how do they develop and then see one level below to discover the energy that keeps the system alive and running to transform.
For example, if we look at a family (Meso level) we see that constraints are created by the community or society (Macro) and the energy that keeps the family going is provided by the members of the family (Micro). However, this can be seen in multiple dimensions.

On Twitter, Rotana Ty quotes MJ’s summation on how the two models overlap:

Given this thought, you could say that your behavior (G waves) reflects your choices, even if made unconsciously. Consciousness (B waves) act as a constraint upon your behavior which you may not even be aware of. Yet as you begin to understand yourself and your world, the influence that consciousness has in shaping your mind becomes clear. You gain the power to either work with or change the consciousness that constrains you.

Events (R waves) arise in due part to the constraints and choices you and others have. In Nemetics we encourage you to Notice the changes that stem from Events, because doing so can release energy. In keeping this in mind, consider the nemetical foundation of mindfulness as recommended by DD:

Mindfulness is the foundation on which ways of Seeing, Feeling, Thinking and Doing are effortlessly changed, developed and enhanced. No Theory, No Belief, No Program, No System, No Dogmas need be followed. The output is always self organizing where the quality of the output depends on the expansion of consciousness.

With mindfulness we notice how events relate to a broader consciousness which determines constraints. We notice the constraints our minds tend to engage and how we may end engagement with thoughts that limit the flow of energy us and between us via exchange.

Final version of the NEME with three torii that pulse with RGB waves

We apply the NEME to move between meso, macro and micro. As we Nemeticians were mulling upon the visualization, our attention was drawn need for a flow of energy between the constraints of the spheres. Three torii would be more appropriate, we figured, because of the way each could turn constraints at the 3 levels of RGB inward and outward, in an exergonic and endergonic-type exchange.

Dan accidentally figured out that it also made sense to show waves extending from the surfaces of each torus, so that we could entertain the correlative, overlapping dynamics of the RGB wave model from within the NEME. The implications of all of this still need to be mulled upon further.

MJ mulls aloud:

You are looking at nested red, green and blue torus shapes. Each torus is a NemiTube. The lines within and between nemiTubes are the nStrings. For any system, the situation of interest is put in the meso level — green. In general the micro level — red — is the source of energy. The macro level — blue — is the source of constraints. To understand the dynamics in the meso-green world, look one proximate level up and one proximate level down.

He points out how the representation of NEME applies to a social media conversation:

If looking at the shape of this conversation, the Red world is each persona writing a comment. The Green world is the networks of communication in the thread. The Blue might be the common culture being created.

On that note, you may join the conversation by following along +Nemetics and/or @NEMETICS.