Games, made on NEM blockchain, were presented on Taipei Game Show 2019

One of non-standard, but perspective methods of blockchain technology usage is its gamification, or usage in computer games. Some developers use it for creation of trading platforms, where players can exchange achievements and loots, some for game monetisation, and someone just use blockchain platforms for game development. 
Also NEM blockchain is already used for creation of a number of games, which were presented by the NEM Taiwan team at the Taipei Game Show 2019 exhibition.

1) Pacnem Game
Well-known Pacmen is now on NEM. This project uses blockchain technology for players identification, mosaics transfer of and for data of high records storage. As creators of a game say, the purpose of the project was to show, how easy is to use our blockchain for employment in game and business applications and also for involvement of sponsors and advertisers.

2) PuriPets
The project of the GameFix studio, located in New Zealand and focused on creation of “cryptogames”. As developers said, “our purpose — creation of cool games for community NEM”.
PuriPets is an isometric platformer, where main hero explores the mysterious country, beautiful princess searching. During adventures he also should find eggs of various monsters, who can help with achievement of the goal. As in-game currency project uses “diamonds”, which can be bought at course 1XEM = 10 diamonds. Players can use them for interaction with game objects and acquisitions of the improved equipment, so necessary for princess rescue.

3) Krypto Football
Gambling game, where participants can collect and redeem at auctions number of card of football players and teams. Today national teams which participated in the World Cup 2018 and also the Premier League of England, Series A of Italy, the First league of France and La LIGA of Spain are available. In the nearest future developers promise to enter a number of new teams and functions therefore we recommend to admirers of soccer to monitor updates of Krypto Football.

4) MATCHnem
The game from the series “rub in a row”, created by joint efforts of above-mentioned studio GameFix and NEM. Players should collect the NEM logos of one color to one line, earning stars. Despite the seeming simplicity, it is capable to carry away not on one hour of P.S. And there are famous ninjias in it)))

5) X-game
Probably, the most unusual game project which authors describe it as a blockchain planet, occupied by the cryptocreatures, evolved by players in full accordance with genetic laws of Mendel. Besides, the team of the project announced the own concept of P2E (play to earn), thanks to which “a game becomes the tool for increase in savings of the player”. Is it true or not, you can check it by yourself…

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