How to become a CryptoHero

It is very simple to become the participant of the Cryptoheroes project. You need just transfer any amount in XEM cryptocurrency to the following address of a wallet of the project: 

If you are already the owner of XEM, then you need to open NanoWallet, open the sending tab and to specify the address of a project wallet and the sum which you wish to send, as well as a text message (optional), which will appear in the list of donations.

Also you can send XEM from exchange platforms where this cryptocurrency is trading. The complete list of the exchanges can be found here.

If you have no XEM, then process will take a little more time, but will not be difficult. It is the simplest to use the cryptocurrency exchange KUNA. First of all you will need to create the account. For this purpose:

1) Pass to the website

2) Press “Registration”

3) Then fill necessary fields. E-mail has to be real, because letter with activation of the account will come to it.

4) After data input and pressing of the «Registration» button, you will get to a client area of the exchange at once.

5) But for further work, it is necessary to activate the account. To you the letter with activation of the following look will come to mail.

6) After that you will need to refill the hryvnia balance and to exchange hryvnias for XEM. As to make it, is in detail specified on the website of the KUNA exchange.

7) Next step — transaction to project wallet. You should choose Actives — XEM — Withdrawal. Then add wallet and point the sum.


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