NEM — face it. Hiroki Koga

In the first place any organisation consist of idea and of people, who will realized it. So, meet NEM faces, and today we will speak with Hiroki Koga (ninja), NEM Japan leader.

Question: How popular are cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in Japan? Is NEM known among ordinary residents of the country?

Answer: Crypto currency is known to many people, but the current situation is as a target of speculation and investment. Blockchain is not yet famous, but the industry is growing fast. NEM is actually know people in Japan but it’s due to Coincheck Hacking incident as one of crypto-currencty. We are trying to change the impression of people with NEM as the smart assets blockchain.

Q: How long are you in the blockchain industry? Why did You preferred to work with NEM?

A: I’ve started since Jan 2016.
I believe simple and easy-to-understand things go well. And NEM applies to it in number of blockchain projects. Also, NEM has strong community in Japan, this make me feel huge posibilities in future.

Q: Who usually visits NEM Japan meetups? Students, developers, people who don’t know about blockchain?

A: We aimed meetup events for people who’re both beginner and intermediate of crypto/blockchain, engineers and community people.
The participants can enjoy xem payment shopping that community people made original goods with NEM logo.
Recently, we’re also doing NEM101 for University and high school students for introducing NEM use cases and about blockchain technologies.

Q: What issues are discussed by community during meetups?

A: The participants can deepen the knowledge of NEM, about blockchain, usecases of NEM and also communicate with community people.

Q: What projects on blockchain are important for the Japanese community?

A: PoliPoli is a good project that brings innovative ideas to the traditional approaches that politics carry. Token economics has allowed users and high level politicians to construct a mutually beneficial platform. Especially its feature is younger people will have more interest to politics.

Engalte Inc. provides the service that connects sports and funs by token.
Fans purchase Engate token, then forwards it to sports teams. Sports teams will reward to fans.

Q: Are there implemented projects which ideas were born in NEM Japan community?

A: nemlog, people can enjoy writing blog in which when the article is good, the readers will send xem to the author. As Japanese community is very active, many people are enjoying it. Also, it will raise the number of transactions.

Q: What relations has NEM Japan with state agencies and structures?

A: NEM Japan has just established so we will start soon.

Q: Tell in more detail about the nemcafe project. Who was an initiator of the idea? Was nemcafe carried out once again? If not, why?

A: Torest (@TrendStream) and I planned it. Tresto as a director of the event did sponsorship, while there were other staffs supported for making varieties of contents for nemcafe.

nemcafe was aimed at “experiencing NEM settlement” as a trigger, and discovering new things, ideas and connections with people through NEM in which it might not have been met if it was Japanese Yen settlement.

It was held in Fukuoka City and about 240 participants enjoyed it. It took about 5 months for preparation and it was an only 1-day event. It was a really big event. It’s only Tresto knows if it could be carried out again, although it’s not planned yet at the present moment.

Q: Plans of NEM Japan for year 2019?

A: We’ll focus on expanding social implementation of NEM blockchain, revitalization of engineer community, up recognition.