What is NEM Apostille and why we use it in the Cryptoheroes project

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NEM is blockchain blatform with the whole set of modules, ready to work. One of them is NEM Apostille — a noncommercial blockchain service for creation and transfer of digital certificates. Apostille is integrated into officialwallet — Nanowallet.

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How does it work?

Notarization is data recording with help of the entrusted third party. In the real world it’s notaries, work with whom is accompanied by the considerable services commissions, need of implementation of physical contact and existence of printing data, act as guarantors.

With Apostille service you can use blockchain as the third party. Apostille is realized over NEM blockchain and offers functionality of traditional notarial services and even exceeding it — data can be assured, verified, appropriated the property right, updated, transferred and also supplied with comments (including the third parties).

You need just load the file with data in service which will keep “print” (hash) of the last condition of the file and time of its loading to NEM blockchain. Thus, while there is a blockchain and the signed document, you have incontestable proofs of your right of possession. And thanks to function of audit, any attempts of change or manipulation of contents of the file will not remain unnoticed.

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Why we use Apostille

In the Cryptoheroes project the Apostille service is used for openness and confirmation of originality of documentation of the project. So, team of the project will apostile notes, documents the confirming mutual settlements and transfer of means are certified on an account blockchain. At the same time the functionality of the multisignature will be used i.e. if any of participants of team has doubts in correctness or expediency of expenses, then these documents will not be confirmed.

You will be able directly to see and book audit of all documents on the website and the open Open Apostille service.

Also you can get acquainted with Apostille on our YouTube channel.

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