NEOLine DApp New Year Party

Dec 30, 2019 · 6 min read

At the end of 2019, the NEOLine wallet has ushered in a major version update, and the [News] and [DApp] interfaces have been onlined.

This big version update will also open a different NEOLine for us in 2020!

For more detailed function introductions, you can check the introduction of subsequent articles. In this article we are mainly going to tell you.

At the end of 2019!

And the coming 2020!

NEOLine Wallet joins 7 DApp project parties!

Held a DApp New Year party together!

Since it’s a New Year’s party!

How can I get presents?

Don’t worry, look down!

In addition, this event is not just for the benefit of everyone.

I hope to introduce you to interesting and fun DApps through the event.


Limited Equipment Free

NeoWorld is a multi-player connected virtual world based on blockchain technology. It is also a 3D space created by the collaboration of global users. In the world of NeoWorld, users create everything and users gain wealth!

Compared with the traditional sandbox world, NeoWorld has lowered the threshold and complexity of survival and construction while ensuring gameplay, and more focused on business fun and social fun. More importantly, it provides different types of players with the possibility to create value and earn wealth.

The NEOLine wallet was launched on NeoWorld this time. In addition to providing a novice gift package for our novice users, a large number of CDK redemption codes will be sent out in the community as a task lottery! There is even a surprise final prize waiting for everyone.


Registered Gift Giving

FishChain: The most fun blockchain collection development game. The team has created a social game “Bubblefish” with 50 million users worldwide. In 2018, the team won the title of China’s Top Ten Blockchain Games, and it is also the world’s first game to open up the financial and consumer end.

On the financial side, investors can earn FT through Staking public chain FT or use FT to purchase NFT assets including game tanks and fish or game funds; on the consumer side, players need to use game skills and consume FT to have fun and Win prizes. In addition, the game’s built-in Defi system will effectively connect financial and consumer groups and earn revenue.

During the launch of the NEOLine wallet this time (December 30, 2019, Beijing time-January 6, 2020, Beijing time), all new users who registered through the NEOLine wallet can get a FishChain New Year gift pack.


Register for Double Denier Gifts

CardMaker is a fun indie game, a free staking game that combines classic card and Roguelike (random exploration) gameplay, and features such as open content and token economy. Its multi-dimensional design of hybrid tokens and cross-chain trade stands at the forefront of exploration in this field.

Unlike most chain games, as a real game, it will connect gameplay and creativity to the huge incremental market in the traditional field. CardMaker will connect to platforms such as Steam to open up channels.

CardMaker launches NEOLine and has prepared a double denim gift for everyone, CardMaker & NEO-NEXT Giveaways worth USD10 and a gift from Santa Claus!

Although Christmas is over, Santa ’s gifts are always there.


Participate to win real cars

CryptoFast is a blockchain racing game based on NEO and LAYABOX. It was officially pre-sold on October 18, 2019.

Different from the common problems of poor playability of existing block games, CryptoFast takes into account the playability of the game and the financial attributes of the blockchain game. Wait, the CryptoFast system, which is different from traditional games, has a very high degree of openness. Through blockchain thought and technological transformation, the system is given to players to take the lead, and the players manage the system revenue. CryptoFast achieves the perfect combination of blockchain games and DeFi.

Currently, when you buy a car in CryptoFast, you will get a “Mustang GT” real car lottery ticket. The more tickets you hold, the greater the chance of winning!

5、Follow the official Weibo

On January 6th, draw 1 person to get 5 NEOs

In this DApp New Year party, in addition to the DApp project party preparing many surprise gifts for everyone, the NEO-NEXT community also prepared a new year gift for our wallet users-5 NEO!

How to get these 5 NEOs, search for [NEO-NEXT] on Weibo, click Follow, and bring the topic # NEOLine # to repost the lucky draw Weibo, and then wait for the draw on January 6th at 22:00. Also remember to download the NEOLine wallet. If you win, but do not download the wallet, it is considered invalid!

Someone may ask at this time

You wrote this event

How to collect it, and what is the specific gameplay

Keep looking down

For details of specific activities and how to receive prizes, please enter the wallet and click [DApp] to find the carousel corresponding to the event and click to view; or enter the wallet and click [Setting]-[Activity] to view the corresponding event details.

The above is all the benefits of this DApp New Year’s Carnival Party. Please go to your wallet and click on the [DApp] interface to experience it!

NEOLine official website:

In the future, the NEOLine [DApp] interface will continue to launch more excellent NEO DApps for everyone to experience. If you find more and more interesting DApps, please add our wallet customer service WeChat (ID: shanglian1423) to recommend!

Note: Users of this event must update to the latest version to participate. If you are not the latest version of the user, you can update the upgrade experience on the mobile phone, or click “Read the original text” to enter the official website to download the update!

Finally, the old tip. Before you upgrade your wallet, please make sure that the private key of each wallet is backed up, and keep in mind that the private key 8 is not principled:

· Do not use mail to transfer or store private keys;

· Do not use WeChat collections or cloud backups to store private keys;

· Don’t take screenshots or take photos and save mobile phone albums to save private keys;

· Do not use WeChat or QQ to transmit private keys;

· Don’t tell anyone around you about your private key;

· Do not send private keys to the group;

· Do not use Apple IDs provided by others;

· Do not import private keys to unknown third-party websites.

Remember, secret keys are not kept offline, which is very dangerous. The most secure way is to keep clear handwriting, distinguish between uppercase and lowercase, and make two copies in a handwritten notepad. Keep them in different places and forbid acquaintances or people with ulterior motives to see them.

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