Results Announced | NEO Wallpaper Design Competition Ended Successfully

In order to fully encourage talented designers and mobilize the community power, on the occasion of the NEO main net 2-year anniversary, we held NEO Wallpaper Design Competition for the community from October 17th to November 7th. In 20 days, we received dozens of excellent works from community designers around the world. After serious discussions, the winning works were selected as follows.

First prize

Full name: Jake Holland

Bonus: $450

Second prize

Full name: YanXincoco

Bonus: $300

Full name: Crypto Cite

Bonus: $300

Third prize

Full name: Peippo

Bonus: $150

Full name: Dominik

Bonus: $150

Full name: Jenny

Bonus: $150

Other prize works are on Behance, feel free to download!

Although the NEO Wallpaper Design Competition has come to an end, we still hope that designers will continue to contribute to the NEO community. Please contact us if you have good ideas and works. We will provide you with corresponding incentives and the opportunity to become a collaborative designer of the NEO community.