Artificial intelligence: why do we attribute it non-existing possibilities

Recently there appear more and more developments by artificial intelligence (AI). For example, not long ago it became known that Google came up with AI that is capable to remove protection from any kind of images, which means that it is able to de ink the background from watermarks. Putting it simply — the algorithm commits theft. It isn’t the only way you can use AI for your own purposes.

Today a large number of such developments can be seen around, since this technology in these days seems to be really popular. Despite this, a lot of people have misunderstandings and fears on term of it’s function.

Why AI would need our planet?

Society’s thrilled by computer games and films like “Age of Ultron”. Such well-known people as Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg are also occasionally turning up a heat, speaking up “for” or “against” further perfection of artificial intelligence. Although, they often take opposite sides on this topic.

Experts still don’t have one consistent point of view for whether AI is anyway dangerous to humanity. Let’s not forget: what today stands for “artificial intelligence” is not the real intellect.

AI doesn’t know fears and instinct for self-preservation. It’s just a self-educating program, and not even all the time. Due to lack of information about new developments, and also due to controversy of leaders’ opinions, far from the realm people come up with non-existent things.

Myths Busting

Many people are sure, that AI works just the same human intelligence does. This idea we took from the fiction and popular science writers. What does have similarity to a human brain is a neuronet. It is only one of the possible ways of the realizing AI through a computer.

The second myth is that artificial intelligence, neuronets, etc. have appeared recently due to the development of new technologies. It’s not true. Such researches started in 60s and since then AI technologies haven’t come far. It’s just that today in the world there are sufficient capacities and technical capabilities to launch this technology almost everywhere.

The third myth is that artificial neuronet has elements identical to the “real” one. The developers of the computing systems use neurobiology terms to make better understanding of their work, and also to rise the interest for their development.

And then, the most popular myth persists that scientists understand the workflow of the human brain. There are still a lot of blanks and “blind spots” in this understanding for the present day. For this reason, no efforts of making analogous of the artificial structure will bring 100% success for the efficiency.

AI represents an architecture which would probably be able to perform more effective algorithms. Considering the fact, that our brain holds approximately 100 billion glial cells, 100 billion neurons and 100 trillion connections between all of these cells, creating such a structure in the near future is not possible.

These are key misconceptions, misunderstanding of which leads to unreasonable fears and even panic on the part of a regular man.

Benefits for society

Regardless of experts’ opinions controversy, lack of information awareness and also slow tempo of development, AI brings undeniable advantage for society. Today this technology has been already actively integrating into various fields: medicine, industry, engineering, business, etc.

With the help of specific algorithms data collection and analysis can be performed, getting as an outcome results of a fair accuracy. Such a technology allows to improve specialists’ work, simplifying the most laborious and demanding processes.

Today an project NeuroSeed is developing AI with its integration into blockchain technology. New digital product, that comes out as a result, will allow to effectively combine advantages of decentralized and transparent data transfer system with performing a useful function by miners. Such an approach will allow to speed up an AI development, simplifying its implementation in our lives, and also will improve understanding of this technology by people with the help of additional tools for money earning.