Era of neural networks and robots: when science fiction becomes the way of life

Every year progress is accelerating synchronously with the developing of the computing power. We are already developing quantum and photonic chips, which have a fundamentally new technologies at their core, alternative to those are today. But the greatest breakthrough recently has been marked in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, where the AI is just applied.

Why is it urgent?

Japanese engineers have designed a robot-wheel, which moves jamming itself. It could be used as a probe for inspection of difficult to reach places where robots of conventional design are useless. It is controlled by a built-in AI, which controls the process of compression-extension of a blue “body” of the wheel.

Earlier media wrote about the emergence of nano-robots, able to inject drugs directly into the cells of the human body, and robot dogs, robot- loaders, etc. All these mechanisms are controlled by artificial intelligence, whose «intelligence» is not far away from the insect.

AI is an independent sphere, but only in symbiosis with other technologies it is able to give the maximum effect. Linking it with e-Commerce and fintech provides new opportunities for the banking sector and online stores, AI medicine allows us to monitor health better, AI geological services allow to form a real complex terraforming (these services are already working in Israel, China, Ukraine).

There are many examples of such synthesis, but the most promising are, undoubtedly AI + blockchain (the blockchAIn) and AI+ robot. For sure, they may be combined into a single technology.

AI and robots

Perhaps the most impressive results on robotics are exhibited by the American Boston Dynamics, as well as Japanese developers. South Korea and China are at the back of the pack. But these are only the world leaders — in fact, almost every country is developing them.

The robot body is “hard,” and its software is “soft”. Nowadays a software “core” of the automated devices, not only robots, more often becomes the neural network. Their basis is a place where simple and complex AI, capable to solve a wide range of tasks, are built.

Why do they choose neural networks? It’s easy to understand, because they are self training systems. Such a robot can itself solve specific tasks practically without a human being, and it is very beneficial from the utilitarian point of view — resource optimization is obvious. In the future self learning robots could do all heavy work, giving better results than people.

Trade Unions are warning about the mass layoffs of “unnecessary” employees. Moreover, even some governments, as British, prepare to the deformation of the labor market after the appearance of robot-loaders, robot-welders, etc. However, the progress can’t be stopped. While some opportunities reduce, another always appar. It’s a kind of energy conservation principle.

AI and blockchain

To help in implementing the most daring ideas of the science fiction writers can hybridization AI with the blockchain. The second technology not only provides unprecedented transparency of transactions, but also introduces it into various areas the principles of decentralization and cooperation.

Have a look at the Belarusian startup AIMATTER — they have developed a weak neural networks for mobile gadgets. They can’t control any plant, but can change hair color at the picture.

Why only this? Because the smartphone with the neural network has limited computing power. The second problem is that for the effective work of such AI, the neural network must have access to a huge database, where it will selftrain.

Such AI is not at all useless, it is ineffective and is nothing more than a digital toy. How to bring up an artificial intelligence to the next level? Here the blockchain with its principle of decentralization will help us. If one platform is too weak, it should unite with several others, building a decentralized network for the exchange of computing capacity.

Fiction writers have already described it in series of games and books Mass Effect, where they introduced the “race” of the Geth — robots, whose artificial intelligence grows according to their quantity. Speaking with biological beings they even explain that “we all Geth”. It is one decentralized network, as a single digital entity, divided into mobile platforms that provide the necessary computing power.

This “race” was quite belligerent, but how real is this concept based on current level of technology?

World is waiting for the breakthrough

What is such an extensive description of a computer game for? The fact that something similar, but more peaceful, may soon become a reality. There are several teams that try to embody the idea of decentralized AI in practice. So, now, the command of the international pool of independent developers are working on the project NeuroSeed. Its goal is to build a layered neural network, where ordinary users can create their local neural networks to solute practical problems.

The architecture of the global network where everyone can provide his computing power under the General AI, getting the opportunity to use the cognitive service platforms and other benefits, including the possibility of earning selling local neural network is very interesting. Integration to the blockchain allows to establish the decentralization and transparency of all processes.

It will be the same to torrent, where instead of video and audio files, users will share the functions of artificial intelligence. The platform will connect entrepreneurs, researchers, or even government agencies to solve their problems. Since the system is global, the lack of data for deep learning of the neural networks is impossible.

Of course it is premature to talk about armies of robots connected to a global network, but first step in this direction have already been done and, undoubtedly, it will change everything we know about the economy, work and rest. Selftraining systems will be able to order us the tickets, determine the optimal seasonal discounts for thousands of items in supermarkets, help us in the editing process and much more else. Future is coming — we just need to wait for the release of NeuroSeed.