Machine learning: how it works

Today artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most interesting and popular technologies, that actively integrating into different fields of human activities. One of the important aspects of AI is machine learning.

Recently Amazon alongside with other organizations announced about an intention to integrate machine learning into the world of fashion. And it’s not the only example of using the machine learning technology (ML) and AI, implemented based on neuronets. Such online-services appearing more and more each day. This is why it’s essential to understand machine learning.

How machines are trained

Machine learning is one of the branches of AI, which researches methods of creating algorithms that are making learning possible.

On the present day there are several types of learning. Examples:

  • inductive learning (by cases). It’s based on the search of common patterns, brought through the private data, that was collected in a way of empiric method;
  • deductive learning. It’s necessary to formalize expert knowledge to shift it to computer in the format of data base. Such a learning relates to the branch of expert systems.

ML is on the interface of optimization methods, classical mathematical methods and statistics. At the same time machine learning has a problem, which regards the difficulties of computing power and relearning.

The essence of the machine learning is in the necessity to train an algorithm correctly match the list of input and output data. Program code in this case isn’t done beforehand. The output result is determined only within the process of self-learning.

How it works

Due to specifically developed apps, machines are able to learn in autonomous mode, compare data and analyze it. Human’s responsibility here is to determine the best ways of program learning, examples of data needed for storage and defining of what program should use while making the final decision.

The analysis of data can be made with the use of different methods: basic, analytical geometry, linear algebra and more complex algorithms. Although the main method is deep learning. For its realization are needed neuronets, which are artificially created imitation of the living beings brain behavior.

Regardless of certain ML methods, algorithms are able to learn by groups:

  • algorithms, that are able to forecast;
  • algorithms, that are able to define patterns in data set.

Depending on what a machine should do, learning methods for it are selected.

Possibilities of usage the learning machines

Today we can notice an active integration of machine learning, and it brings a lot of positive aspects. An outcome benefit of it is as big as internet invention. The technology allows to simplify some of the working moments by the mean of the systems that able to self-education.

In present days such algorithms are a useful tool without guarantees to obtain desired result. Therefore really valuable knowledge can be obtained in the case of the crossage of a large and informative array of data, creatively and correctly set task.

The most important moment of the effective ML usage is an excess to a large array of diverse input data. That’s what a quality of algorithm functioning depends on. For this reason the biggest efficiency its integration had in different internet-services.

NeuroSeed has developed a platform, that allows to quickly and effectively generate any kind of smart-solutions for specific tasks. Such solutions are applicable either for business, or any other branch of human activity, that can be simplified with the help of ML.