Customer Service in 2020

Hello present. Nice to meet you. I’m the future.

2020 is only three years away, and there may be a radical shift in the “customer experience.” Lofty ideas of flying around on saucers seem unrealistic, but the technological revolution is not slowing up any time soon.

Organizations have already begun adapting to and taking advantage of technological tools. These are the types of organizations that may flourish in a few years, while those organizations who neglect to adapt may find themselves scrambling soon.

This article, “In 2020, customer experience will look like this”, offered some insightful thoughts of the direction of customer service. Here are three important things to take away from the article:

1. Everything digital, but humans still important

This article talks about the ideas of robots, and what role they will play in customer experience.

The idea of being replaced by robots is frightening, especially if it is at the cost of losing jobs. However, this article makes sure that the readers have no fear:

However, I am convinced humans will always be needed. But their role will change. Robots will take care of basic customer care, while humans will remain indispensable for more advanced forms of advice that need a human touch. There are many examples of organizations that have subjected an excessively large part of their customer care services to automation.

What we would like to highlight from this excerpt is the comment on how “There are many examples of organizations that have subjected an excessively large part of their customer care services to automation.” This is the place where Salesforce steps in.

Salesforce is helping organizations simplify complex processes, but ultimately still giving control to humans over their software.

2. Hyper-individualization

Tailoring your ads and marketing tactics to your target audience is not a new idea. However, the execution of this concept has evolved as technology as grown along side it.

We have grown accustomed to seeing ads popup on our Facebook feeds that are catered to the searches we have made in our search engines. Prepare to see more of this.

Obtaining data on customer tendencies,behaviors, likes an dislikes will be more incorporated into manufacturing products and how the customer is being treated. Salesforce is already doing this.

Salesforce keeps a log of customer data that allows employees to better cater to the specific needs of the individual. This creates a more efficient and accurate customer service in the end.

3. Smartphones

It is no surprise that this list would end with highlighting the importance of being readily and easily accessible through a mobile device.

With the use of smartphones almost being universal, being restricted or limited to a desktop computer could really hinder your organization. People don’t wait around until they are home to browse the internet. It’s time you start to consider how to manage customer relationships on-the-go.

Salesforce once again has the answer. The #1 CRM solution understands the direction of where the workforce is going. This is why they allow you to manage your CRM through a mobile device. Simply downloading an app could create huge benefits for your organization.

If it’s not clear yet, Salesforce is one of the best tools to use to brace for the future of CRM. Don’t just be stuck in the present, but focus on the future.