The Revolution of CRM

Information is moving quicker than ever. If you don’t adjust, you may be left behind.

In a technological industry, “upgrading” and “updating” is pivotal into staying relevant in the customer’s mind. This applies to the CRM solutions industry as well.

Organizations require more flexibility today, due to the pace that data is exchanged. Missing a message because you are out of the office is inconvenient and can cost you opportunities.

This is where the Salesforce1 App steps in.

Why should you adapt and use the Salesforce1 app? Here are some of the features that you may be missing out on.

1. Teamwork

Being limited to an office or a desktop to meet with and direct your colleagues/customers is not ideal. With the Salesforce1 app, you will have the ability to meet with/talk to your workers and prospects with a few moves on your phone.

This all takes place within the “chatter feed” feature of the app.

2. Access

Missing an opportunity because you don’t have access to important data is frustrating. The Salesforce1 App is fixing this issue, allowing workers to carry that information in their pockets or on their wrist. Know what’s going on with your company, no matter where you are, by downloading this app and being able to see dashboards and custom reports wherever you might be.

3. Action

Having access to information is a great tool, but it can be useless if not given the ability to make actions. However, Salesforce allows you this option. The Salesforce1 app allows you to organize your day through task-making, control your leads and convert them and work on different documents/presentations straight from your phone.

Adapting to the speed of the workforce can be intimidating and confusing. With the Salesforce1 app, this uncomfortable transition is simplified. Try this app today, and it will change your business.