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This article unveils our NFP minting process, the first three tiers, and special variations your NFP might have depending on your Twitter profile. We also present the NFT artist that worked on making our collection a reality, TheManWithNoName.

In August, we kickstarted our social media presence with an intro to…

In this article, we discuss the Rarible Grant received by us and what it means to build on top of the Rarible Protocol.

The NFPs (Non Fungible People) will be NFTs on the ethereum blockchain that consists of a 3D animation artwork, primarily generated based on an individual Twitter profile…

The recent NFT boom brought to light the immense opportunities that can be explored with this disruptive technology. We have witnessed the use of NFTs for digital art, combined with physical works, for music, tweets, real estate, etc. However, we haven’t seen any project use NFTs to support personal branding.


Pushing #NFTs one step further. Meet you on the #blockchain ∞ coming soon.

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