Next week the Consensus conference ( will deliver over 200,000 digital tokens to Blockchain week attendees.

Each attendee will receive a virtual Swag Bag of “NFTs” — Non-Fungible Tokens that redeem for T-Shirts, time with a Speaker, Hats, Collectible stickers, CryptoKitties, Ledger Nano hardware wallets and even a chance to win real gold.

CoinDesk has partnered with NFT.Kred (www.NFT.Kred) to produce the virtual NFT Swag Bags. Consensus attendees can redeem, trade or even sell their Swag on OpenSea.

Jodee Rich, NFT.Kred CEO, said:

“This is the first time a major conference organizer has chosen to distribute Swag on the blockchain… no more plastic bags or brochures!” …

By Andrew Maizels, Snr Architect at PeopleBrowsr and www.Coin.Kred

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The Stellar and Ethereum networks are in many ways complementary. Stellar provides simple transactional functionality that is cheap and fast, with transactions costing a small fraction of a cent and consistently taking less than ten seconds to complete. Ethereum provides a complete programming language (Solidity), smart contracts, and data storage, but as a result transactions are orders of magnitude slower and more expensive. What’s more, the cost of transactions on Ethereum is variable with both complexity (code and metadata) and network congestion.

Making an application dual-platform allows it to benefit from the best of both worlds — Stellar’s low cost and high speed, and Ethereum’s power and flexibility. But this requires that tokens can be moved safely from one blockchain to another without loss or duplication. …

In game and on the blockchain

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Empire Coins launched on Empire.Kred this weekend. Thanks to players, community members, and leaders who provided feedback over the weekend, developers were able to quickly address their comments. More than 1,500 Coins were created in a flurry of exploration.

The 100 Influencers who could shape the emerging NFT ecosystem.

In our own way, each of us is unique and special.

The digital assets we create, our awards and achievements, our Drivers Licenses, Passports and Certificates — these things define who we are.

More recently that list has been growing:

  • A sword in a game
  • My online identities
  • A token that represents a unit of my time
  • A CryptoKitty feline friend
  • The Virtual Wallets on my phone
  • Shares in a work of art
  • Marketplaces
  • Exchanges

NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are a new way of creating unique digital assets that we control, facilitated by the Ethereum blockchain.

The Ethereum blockchain is ubiquitous and decentralized — no monopoly or government controls it.

Below are the men and women who are building the NFT ecosystem of tools, apps, platforms and information resources. …

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It’s now been 1 year since the world was introduced to CryptoKitties — Axiom Zen’s adorable ERC721 cryptocollectibles whose popularity crashed the Ethereum network shortly thereafter, in December 2017.

The Kred Coins project was initially somewhat inspired by CryptoKitties, and as the project developed, evolved into Kitty.Kred — Something that would in fact complement Axiom Zen’s existing world of Kitties.

With Kitty.Kred, Kitty Collectors can coinify and share their favorite CryptoKitties with friends without losing ownership.

Kitty.Kred integrates directly with Metamask and the CryptoKitties API to automatically pull your Kitties into draft collectible Coins that you can instantly publish and hold in your wallet.

By PeopleBrowsr and Kred Coins front-end Developer, Angela Ung

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For the past 9 months we’ve been developing a platform to create personalized, Collectible NFT Coins for sharing and connecting, called Kred Coins.

Kred Coins let individuals and brands personalize their own Coins with their designs, media and calls to action. Every Coin carries comments and is shareable via social media, SMS and email.

The Kred Coins project was initially somewhat inspired by CryptoKitties, and as we continued building, it became clearer that the project could in fact complement Axiom Zen’s existing world of Kitties.

Fast forward a few months to the big bang and the birth of the KittyVerse, and we were on a Mission.

Originally posted by Steven Krohn on Krohn Media:

Steven is a highly respected digital marketing consultant and social media influencer. A successful strategic advisor on ICOs, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

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Cryptocurrency goes through waves of innovation, followed by copycats jumping onto the digital bandwagon. New takes on cryptocurrency are few and far between.

However, innovation favors the prepared. Ƙred is taking cryptocurrency to a whole new level by personalizing and gamifing their Coins.

.CEO is an exclusive platform for CEOs, top executives, and entrepreneurs to build and establish their online presence with authority. Through this platform, you will be able to create a memorable business URL and a unique personal brand.

You can design a professional, personal site and get all your online assets in one place in just a few minutes. It will also help you connect with over 3000 CEOs across the globe.

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The leader in custom NFTs - NFT.Kred helps you create actionable Non-Fungible Tokens with your digital assets in your community’s own NFT Marketplace.

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