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Hey everyone, and welcome to another issue of NFToday!

Can you believe we’re already halfway through 2022… WE’RE IN JUNE.

This begs the question, how have your new year resolutions held up?

Statistics say you likely haven’t stayed consistent Here’s your sign to re-ignite the flame ;)

Now, on to the news!

- Hunter Maier

🎨 Unstoppable Domains introduces profiles.

📈 ETH’s triple bottom.

🐦 Kanye, Kyle, and now…

We Are All Going to Die — .85 ETH

Quirklings — .37 ETH

PsychonautzNFT — .13 ETH

Binkies — .084 ETH

Note: Floor prices of these may or may not be different when reading this!

Unstoppable domain’s newest on-chain feature provides users with some unique utility.

For those unaware, Unstoppable Domains is a web3 domain provider, similar to ENS. While a domain provider, UD also provides its users with features such as:

  • Humanity Check

Badges are Unstoppable Domain’s newest addition to the platform; allowing domain holders a new interactive, sharable way to represent and symbolize users:

  • wins

“Ok, that’s great… where do I show off these badges though?”

I’m happy that you ask…

Alongside the features associated with owning an Unstoppable Domain, all holders are given access to what is known as “domain profiles.” The best way I could describe it without showing you is that it’s essentially the web3 version of a link tree profile. Users are given the ability to share their social media accounts, blogs, associated websites, and now NFT badges.

While numerous platforms/protocols have attempted to pursue a decentralized web3 version of linktree, from the research I’ve done, it seems Unstoppable Domains is in the lead.

More information on what Unstoppable Domains is trying to build:

Twitter Thread

Blog Post

Ethereum Daily — Webull

It’s been a while since we last talked about Ethereum and its price action; from a glance, it looks just ok (not really good or bad).

I may sound like a broken record, but we’re currently sitting just above a pivotal support level on Ethereum.

Breaking below $1,700 could result in some heavy downside pressure.

Then again, this is a very significant level, and the chances that bulls give this level up are slim. We’re also setting up for a nice triple bottom!

Still, we’re playing with fire…

Pray for our ports!

From Kanye to Kyle to… Tweety?

Yup, that’s right! Warner Bros has officially teamed up with Niftys, an eco-friendly NFT marketplace helping iconic IPs and creators enter web3.

In collaboration, they’ve created Looney Tunes: What’s Up Block, a collection of 10,000 Tweety avatars. Alongside the collection’s announcement, we were also informed that each NFT will cost $80, and more characters are on the way.

As a child, I LOVED everything Looney Tunes had to offer.

I wouldn’t be against owning a rare roadrunner ;)

Good luck, Warner Bros, and welcome to web3!

More on “What’s up Block” here!

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