The Best NFT Crypto Coins to Buy in 2022 (By Market Cap)

Its not a secret anymore. NFT crypto coins have taken off in a big way in 2021, soaring an all-time high in sales during September. According to, we had $15.57bn in sales in 2021. What about January 2022? We saw sales of $100 million on 2 nd and 3 rd January consecutively and the year’s just begun! In case you’re just joining us and want to know what non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are, they are virtual tokens that hold your digital assets (like an image or music file) with ownership proof that establishes you as the rightful owner of the aforementioned NFT. It’s a whole new world, one that deserves a refresher course . They have smart contracts coded in and exist on a blockchain that represents a verifiable record of your digital asset.

What are NFT crypto coins?

NFTs can authenticate works of art, can be used to create rare digital items, or be digital characters or collectibles that exist in a game or virtual world. Yes, they can be a lot of things.

Why are they mad popular nowadays? You see, these NFT-based crypto coins can range from a few dollars to millions of dollars! Beeple, the world-famous artist, sold his first NFT for $69.3 million in March last year. Yes, its huge!

Want to invest in the NFT market and build up your portfolio of digital assets? You can get started by watching the NFT cryptocurrency coins or tokens that are part of popular NFT collections.

Ethereum remains one of the most popular NFT-based crypto coins, but a few others are making a play for dominance. We take a look at those coins.

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency and NFT trading is highly volatile, resulting in huge fortunes being made and lost within hours. The purpose of this post is intended to educate investors on the biggest NFT crypto coins in circulation right now.

The Big List of NFT Crypto Coins (By Market Cap)

Let’s start by looking at the NFT crypto coins list. The biggest by market capitalization since 4 th January 2022:

These are the best NFT crypto coins to buy right now:

  1. Decentraland — MANA crypto coin
  2. Axie Infinity — AXS crypto coin
  3. The Sandbox — SAND crypto coin
  4. Theta Network — THETA crypto coin
  5. Tezos — XTZ crypto coin

Let us break each of these top NFT crypto coins down for you:


A virtual world that you can access and interact with virtual reality, augmented reality and the internet. The Decentraland metaverse has popularized the concept of selling land as NFTs. You own these lands and can build anything you like. You can even host and sell tickets to the events you hold in your virtual piece of land.

All transactions inside Decentraland are done in MANA cryptocurrency. MANA is based on the ERC-20 token powered by Ethereum.

You can check out a detailed breakdown of Decentraland’s value .

Points of interest:

Axie Infinity

One of the most popular play-to-earn NFT games in recent memory, Axie Infinity serves as an example of gaming and cryptocurrency done right.

Basically, players can earn NFT crypto coins just by continuing to play the game. They can exchange, buy or sell these digital currencies with other players, or spend it on in-game items. All while you battle with characters called Axies in the metaverse.

Axie has two NFT related crypto coins — Axie Infinity shards (AXS) and smooth love potion (SLP). You can use SLP to breed new monsters for use in the game. AXS token is used to earn rewards, and they can be earned just by playing the game. Plus, they are also used to vote regarding the development of the game.

  • The only metaverse game of its kind to use two different NFT cryptocurrency.
  • AXS token gained more than 17,000% in value in 2021.
  • It uses the Ronin sidechain for reduced fees, fast processing times, and transactions.

Points of interest:

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a game plus virtual world that offers something that no other NFT project does — the power to create your own NFTs and import them in-game. Imagine getting your favorite stuff in a game, even selling them to a marketplace!

This metaverse works with users buying land, which they can fill up with NFTs and games. You do this via the SAND NFT crypto coin, which is based on the ERC-20 token. The NFTs you create in the Sandbox metaverse are called ASSETS. You can also use the SAND token to earn rewards.

Theta Network

Points of interest:

Launching in Jan 2021, Theta had ambitious goals in mind — to become the defacto standard blockchain infrastructure network for entertainment industry. It started by catering to video, data and computing needs. Katy Perry launched her exclusive NFTs on the Theta Network, lending credence to its goals of becoming the home of high-profile artists who want to get into the NFT crypto coins game.

It is now all set to become a decentralized storage of digital assets that encompass NFTs and video-on-demand. Right now, it uses the THETA token for governance and staking needs.


Points of interest:

Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are proof-of-work blockchains, Tezos is an eco-friendly and cost-effective blockchain tech is a radical departure. It works on proof-of-stake, meaning there’s no need to split the network into two different blockchains.

This open-source blockchain runs on the NFT token XTZ. The platform’s soaring popularity caught the eye of NFT marketplace Rarible, leading to integration.

  • A blockchain that can upgrade itself after stakeholders’ consent.
  • Cost-effective and environmentally-friendly than traditional cryptocurrencies.
  • Games publisher Ubisoft has adopted Tezos for its upcoming gaming NFTs.
  • Gained 115% in value in 2021.

Closing thoughts

NFTs are going to remain one of the biggest trends in 2022, seeing their value rising and plummeting to record-breaking millions.

If you are looking for potentially lucrative NFT projects to discover, don’t forget to check out leading NFT listing platform NFTRocketpad ! If you’re an artist looking to list their project, we’re here to help you get discovered by NFT investors.

Points of interest:

So that’s all folks for NFT crypto coins for today!




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