How a Green Highway Project is Changing Lives of People?

NGHM has taken the right step for the future of the country. A delicate balance should be maintained while constructing roads and the surrounding forests. With climate change, earthquakes and floods becoming a daily occurrence, the Green highway project is just the medicine, the doctor ordered. If we would not take sound measures now, then soon we will be on the verge of devastation that would be hard to avoid. Take care of the environment before it is too late!!

The ministry of Transport in India has decided to create green corridors all along the national highways being constructed across the length and breadth of the country. Policy of plantation and Transplantations is to be followed to ensure that delicate balance between the environment and development is restored. Deforestation is occurring at a breakneck speed in order to develop the country, therefore the new rules and regulations have come as fresh whiffs of air not only for the environmentalists but also the general population. The Green highway project is started with the aim of planting more than 10 crore trees along the highways and expressways. Different states are being targeted under the new initiative from the government. Trees are essential for the government because they help to maintain the oxygen level of the environment and control pollution.

Companies willing to join the project should be in the empanelment committee. In order to accomplish the task, registration is essential. Therefore, it is vital to send the same in the form of a proposal to the NGHM headquarters. Agencies that can apply for the same include Plantation companies, cooperatives and NGOs. It is vital to undertake the registration process however the application needs to be submitted in a prescribed format.

Companies can check the status on the website and if pending documents have to be submitted, it should be done at the earliest to become the part of the green highway project India.

More than 96,000Km of national highways is constructed across the states. It carries in excess of v65% freight, therefore in order to maintain the lifeline of the economy, tress have to be planted in the vicinity. It helps to ensure that environmental balance and also keeps the natural catastrophes away from the people.

NGHM is working on the project to restrict the carbon emission by as much as 35%. It is one of the most important objectives to keep the surroundings pollution free. Incessant development with disregard to environment has caused more harm than good to humanity. Unique green corridors would be developed with an aesthetic appeal.

Due to the planting of trees, soil erosion can be prevented to a great extent. It will not affect the health of the people. Vacant land near the highway is also to be used for plantation. The organizations empanelled with the committee are responsible to increase the number of trees. Plants play a very important role in saving people from the harmful impacts of dust and pollution.

One of the most important benefits of the plantation is that it provides shade to people during the scorching summer season. In the latest land acquisition policy, plenty of stress is now placed on the environmental aspect of the project.

One cannot deny the negative impact that the vehicles are producing. The more vehicles runs on the road, more pollution is produced. Now automobile companies are following various measures and technology to curtail the pollution, but the use of gasoline still contributes to the air damaging pollution. Planting trees is the best possible way to counter the air pollution.