Member Spotlight: Affinity LED Lighting: “Before You Spend a Dime, Spend a Dollar”

Energy efficiency has been in the news quite a bit lately, especially due to the creation of New Hampshire’s first Energy Efficiency Resource Standard (EERS). While energy efficiency may not be the most visual of energy projects, it’s often said that “before you spend a dime on renewable energy generation, spend a dollar on efficiency” because of the ability to make a huge impact on your energy bill.

For John Branagan of Affinity LED Lighting, a full service, turnkey lighting solutions company, this motto rings true. John and President/Founder of Affinity LED Lighting Steve Lieber weren’t always involved in the energy arena. After successful careers working with NH-based Timberland, John and Steve decided to look at ways they could make their careers more meaningful.

So they switched gears from using energy to produce consumer goods to instead conserving energy through efficient lighting. The energy savings are profound, as are the improved quality of life, reductions in carbon footprints, and decreased maintenance, combining to make John and Steve’s new work very impactful. Affinity LED Lighting was established in 2013 and has been going strong ever since thanks to a dedicated staff of 8, an innovative mindset, and a strong commitment to social responsibility.

Affinity LED Lighting sets itself apart in several unique ways. A significant part of the business is now assembling municipal grade street lights right here in NH at their Dover location, rather than importing from China. Better yet, they’ve been able to hire qualified veterans in need of work. Affinity LED Lighting is also proud of their ability to offer smart controls in conjunction with lighting upgrades, such as with their recent project with the Dover Ice Arena installing a non-traditional dimmer system along with the new LED lights.

They’ve also eliminated one-time packaging for their municipal street lights, a remarkably impressive feat, and are developing patented quick connect technology. In addition, Affinity developed and now uses a Geographic Information System (GIS) to streamline installation efforts. From the streetlights of Dover, Portsmouth, and Claremont, to lighting in schools, community buildings, and even small businesses like the well-known G’Willikers Toy Store, Affinity LED Lighting uses only the industry-best products built to their high-quality specifications.

According to John, some of the main challenges facing the business is the volatility of utility rebate programs. Some funding may already be approaching the bottom of the pockets, and the calendar year has only just begun. Changes to application procedures are another challenge.

But for John and Steve, every light they change out for a more efficient one has an impact and creates phenomenal savings. In the future, they plan to keep doing what they’re doing, and do more of it. Hiring more people in a sustainable way, securing more and larger contracts, and continuing to innovate are all on the horizon for Affinity. We proudly welcome Affinity LED Lighting to the NH Clean Tech Council!