Member Spotlight with Ayer Electric & IBEW Local 490

NHSEA and NHCTC are proud to welcome two of our newest business members: Ayer Electric, based in Barrington, and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW Local 490), based in Concord. Both bring many years of experience with renewable energy projects across the Granite State.

Ayer has been the trusted electricians of projects large and small, east and west, including the recent 651 kw array in Durham, the 130 kw array on the beautiful Star Island, and the 24 megawatt Lempster Wind Power Project. Ayer is also experienced with large projects throughout New England, and hopes further renewable energy development in NH will allow them to complete many more in-state projects.

And it’s a key mission of the IBEW to increase those opportunities. They’re fully committed to expanding renewable energy, because it benefits everyone: homeowners, business owners, and taxpayers. While the industry isn’t yet fully utilized in NH, solar provides a steady stream of well-paying jobs to a variety of different sectors, including construction.

These jobs also present a unique opportunity to attract young professionals to the industry. “We need infrastructure, and the electrical aspect is a huge part of that. We can offer young people a union job with benefits that keeps them home,” said Denis Beaudoin of the IBEW. “Whatever we can do to create more solar systems in NH, to see expansion, we’re behind it.”

With costs continuing to decrease dramatically and technology improving day by day, renewable energy is a prime opportunity for NH to embrace. One current example is the Antrim Wind project, which the IBEW has been instrumental in supporting because of the economic implications. One of their member contractors, such as Ayer Electric, could work on the installation. The project also keeps the door open for more well-sited wind projects to come into the state.

For the IBEW, it’s always gratifying to see their contractors involved on another clean energy project. It’s a direct link to strengthening the middle class, helping everyone save money, and contributing to the long-term sustainability of the state. The growth of the solar industry has been great for creating more jobs in NH, and the prospect for out-of-state companies to contribute more economic dollars to the state in the future is huge.

Together with Ayer, IBEW, and our other members and supporters, NHSEA will continue to tackle the barriers restricting renewable energy development in NH. Distributed renewable energy resources like wind and solar provide extensive opportunities for job growth and development, updating our grid for 21st century needs, and to ensure cost-savings for those who live, work, and play in the Granite State. The technology is poised and ready; it’s just not installed yet. Ayer and the IBEW are here to help make it happen.