The analytics community agrees: The launch of Google Tag Manager Server-Side is a significant milestone for the industry. Not only does it underline the paradigm shift towards server-side technology for analytics, it also has the potential to completely overthrow how organizations approach data collection and building their data model.

This article is not an introduction to the concept of server-side tag management and its terminology.

As a Senior Digital Analytics Consultant at a leading international analytics vendor, I have been keeping a close eye on the current crusade of modern web browsers against cookie technology.

Turns out, there is a way to track individual non-signed in users without using cookies. I implemented it. Here is how.

A few quick opening remarks: The whole point of this piece is to spark discussion and awareness in the industry and among users. Personally, I would never advocate for employing these tracking practices and I am glad to be working for an analytics vendor, that has always put privacy, transparency, and integrity first. …

It is common for people to explore what their data looks like. But have you ever wondered what your data sounds like?

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Just like visualization helps you consume data through your eyes, data sonification does the exact same for your ears. …

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