Welcome to Free on Saturday

Why Free on Saturday?

In November, the MAC punts all Saturday games in favor a Tuesday/Wednesday prime time slot on ESPN2, meaning if you planned to spend your Saturdays taking in “MACtion,” you’ve officially got an open schedule. Thanks Dr. Steinbrecher!

I’m here on the internet writing about MAC football (again) because when you find yourself requesting vacation days for a random Wednesday in November you really don’t have much of a choice. Writing bad (and hopefully improving) articles about the MAC on the internet is just what I do, and if it’s anything the internet needs, it’s more free sports content, right?

But why you’re here, reading a MAC football blog in the first place, is far more important. There’s plenty of reasons to follow the MAC. Maybe you attended one of the fine institutions or Central Michigan. You could be trying to get a leg up in your office bowl season pool, or even just enjoy gambling on a Tuesday. Whatever your reasons, I’m happy you’re here, and hope you’ll stick around to talk about the most fun conference in college football with me.

I’ll be writing as much as humanly possible on this site, which will consist of whatever comes to my mind or any instance where Brogan Roback tries to hi-five an official. But some continuity is always good, and here is what I plan to write about each week this fall:

Mid American Mornings Newsletter

This was originally all I was going to do. Each Sunday I’d sit down, write out some musings about MAC football, and deliver it to the email inboxes of whoever wanted to read. Well, I’m still going to do that, and if you’d like to be on the list, just email fosatblog@gmail.com and say you’d like to be on the list. Throw in a quick blurb about why if you’re feeling up to it.

Some preseason stuff, or whatever

It’s July. It’s incredibly sad that we even care about football right now, but, here we are. I’m not going to go all-in on team previews and whatnot. There are plenty of resources far better than me on the subject, and I suggest you read them. Phil Steele and Bill C’s previews are personal favorites of mine. But I will certainly write about anything of interest in the off season. Like, why does the MAC hate you and want you to watch on TV instead of in person? Why do we forget to talk about how good James Gilbert? You know, the pressing questions.

FoSat Staples

Each week I’ll do a rapid recap of the games, highlight some awesome performances, identify a “game of the week,” write a super-preview of the upcoming games, and of course, a post about the gambling lines for the degenerates out there (like me).

Hopefully you see something you like visiting here. When you see it, or see something you hate, please reach out to me and let me know. I’m on Twitter @NIFFOCNITSUJ and you can email the blog at fosatblog@gmail.com. You can email me personally, too, but only after a nice dinner.

Want to write about MAC football? Just shoot me an email and tell me what you want to write about? The bar for content on this site is set by me, so you’ll probably get your article on the internet.

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