This famous line from one of Michael Jackson’s famous song Billie Jean, this meaning that humans in civilisation are equal and it does not matter if your Black or White, which is true to where I and hundred. Thousands I mean millions of people believe, if not billions, why doesn’t it matter though?

It does not matter if your black or white because everyone in this world is equal doesn’t matter if if your talk or short everyone lives in the same earth, country, state, city, suburb and street. Everyone survives on each other by living together working together and making life out of each other. This may not make sense to you all I’m saying is that people hate black people and people hate white people, I don’t hate anyone cause of there colour or there looks just there personality.

It is ok to hate black people because of there personality but not ok to hate them because of there colour,

I have plenty of coloured friends and they are extremely funny, talented and active. They will stand up for each other in a way white people won’t. They will put themselves in front of a fight and block you the victim. They have a bigger heart then any white person it’s only up to the coloured people to use it.

There might be black people out there that are rapists, profiles but white people are more know for that. I was at a shopping centre one day and a white man fell over on the ground from a stroke and all white women, children and men walked past and stared at the white man, the closest coloured man ad women headed straight over to help him up and stop the stroke, I was only a kid I didn’t know what to do but I would have gone up to him if I where this age back then. But to see our own race not help our own race and see another race help our race. We are the same race. But people don’t say that because that is kinda racist so there they same race just in kinder words we don’t say coloured, black, ni**er we say race it is not that harsh but could be ruder to other blacks so don’t say that. Just say coloured that is the most kindest thing you could say about a coloured person.

But to see a coloured person help a white person made a difference in my life, by him showing that it doesn’t matter what colour you are it’s who you are, same thing with relationships. It’s not the looks of your boyfriend or girlfriend it’s the personality of your partner which matters.

I made a mistake with my first girlfriend, she only dated me for my looks not my personality.

Thank you guys if you would like me to explain a topic please comment a topic or a social experiment I should do f