GTAV-Should defiantly not be for people under the age of 18!!

YES!! GTAV should be for people 18and over no nothing, your child should not play this game at all because it has a effect in your life, in matter of fact anyone who is in school should not go on any console or computer, because gaming effects your brain, like more chance to have a stroke at a young age, you letting your kid play a console takes a lot of responsibility of your child’s actions, as if he would kill someone latter on in his life, now police will have to ask this question to the parents,

“Did you or your partner allow you son or daughter to go on a console at a young age, if so we will have to put a charge on you?”

You know you don’t want that to happen to you and with consoles it makes kids not want to hop off them and they get really mad.

Expect ally the new Game series called GTA and they are a shooting game, and a game where you commit crimes where it’s from drugs to bank robberies. We do not need this to have an impact on there life as a young kid, the age they should be when they have there first console is 25 when there brain is fully functional and made.

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