in lots santos, there is a large array of crime which is commuted everyday. Now it’s up to us to protect the city and surrounding areas. But we are in our own vehicles which will be told to you the first day your at camp.

To be able to join Los Santos Special Forces you need to show us that you have what it takes to protect someone from point a to point b, your training will be done until you have perfected everything. Then you are out on the field. You will be going to the field as a person in training as well as being trained.


By accepting this pledge, you will have to have LSSF as your active crew at all times. If your caught without it you are immediately kicked. You are not to harm or kill anyone in the crew either if it’s in s lobby or any lobby or any death match. You are to have atleast 100,000 in your bank not cash. And must be rank 50+, you must have a car fully armed and matte black, you must accept missions coming from other crew mates unless your busy, hunting people down on a lobby. By accepting this pledge everything you break on this chart you will be kicked.


so if you would like to join

Send me a friend request on Xbox

Xbox one:kevinator50000

Thank you


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