I have done this social experiment to investigate how much people believe that not all Muslims are terrorists so. I went up to people and say.

“Hello sir/ma’am, I’m just hosting this social experiment on ‘not all Muslims are terrorists’ I was just wondering if you could tell me if you believe that or not and why?

So this worked out at a 50/50 percentage as half people said no and half said yes. But the one that is really surprising is from an actual Muslims but him saying

“I personally believe that your correct, as a Muslim this is totally against our religion. and I’m speaking for this whole mosque. As I am still a human and I still have rights.”

I soon replied

“So what your saying is that you, are against what ISIS is doing. Another question Mr Muhammad, Does ISIS have an effect on you being a Muslim as are you mistreated, bullied etc?”

He replied in only way he could

“Yes I have been mistreated in civilisation by the local residents and other people. If only people knew the truth about Muslims then life would be easier”

This proved to be a sad life for Muhammad, he can’t go to the shops without being harassed and abused for being Muslim, mostly he won’t be harassed but people will stare and believe he is a terrorist.

Imagine being a Muslims and people moving there children away from you and going the opposite direction.

If you have any obligations to this issue please comment below. I am not with there religion I am not in any religion. I’m Christian just not really religious. So everyone needs to learn a lesson on that Muslims aren’t always terrorists as you see Christians go and fight with ISIS. I am fighting to show that not all MUSLIMS ARE TERRORISTS.

Muslims are people for what I know about them. They believe in another God (Allah) but we believe in God. We might be the main religion but in we are a religion.

To make Muslims fit in to the community and not feel bad about themselves and there religion please can you follow the following steps

  • Be nice
  • You don’t have to talk but look at them and smile
  • Say hi if they say hi
  • Don’t walk away from them
  • Make them feel like a Christian meaning don’t let them feel as if they don’t belong
  • Comment on there clothes like saying “that’s a nice robe your wearing it suits you”

There are just little things you can do. For me and this will work for you, once you start being nice to people nice things will occur, like I found $450 on the ground on the road. I picked it up I had a choice to keep it or give it back. I have it back. For doing that the two things I wanted most in the world actually came to me as a gift from family and they didn’t even know what I wanted.

So please be nice to people who have a different religion then you as well as your own religion.

Please comment below what you think

Yes: you believe not all Muslims are terrorists and you will now on be nice to Muslims

No: you think all Muslims are terrorists, you are and will be mean

Thank you

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