The Enigma

I feel the sky dim

An aura that hymns

My perpetual sins.

Aren’t I cast out by faith, glorious sovereignty

take me

then erase me

As I’m only just a memory

No one could hear the sound of my screams

“When the fuck will I find clarity?”

I am the tide pulling you in

The echo resonating into your lungs

Immersed inside of you

Can you hear me now?

Can you feel me now?

Disposition of a constant being

We shift through the masses engulfed by our chances as our life passes.

The fear of doubt is one I cannot live without.

Infirmity (piqued)

In my mind, intwined, inside, in sight. I just can’t see why I; why I? Take these lies while I can rip this mask and find out this last love, lust, is just a fuss in trust. When there is no us its just a ghost, you see, the apparent being; an apparition beam. Though, the light darkens my heart hardens and now I’m awake. And for the first time in my life I can now breathe. Breathe in this toxin, locked in a box and screaming, scratching, passing out from the clout that I will never forget about. I’m torn you see, I need to be reborn to be, who I sought out to believe. Where there is no you and me is make believe in this stale reality.

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